Reasons Behind the in take of Vitamin C during pregnancy

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The benefits of vitamin C during pregnancy are outside of somebody’s realm of imagination. It actually is.

You know, if the sufficient need of vitamin is filled, it will be advantageous to both the mother and developing body.

Such as it can boost your immunity system, reduce the deficiency of iron together with the physical development of the unborn baby.

Hence, over consumption of vitamin in pregnancy can be its exact opposite.

By all means, the atop intake of vitamin C can be dangerous and the outcomes can be so concerning.

So, even if you are aware that vitamin C is vital for pregnancy yet, there is a lot to known beyond this common sense like what’s the essence of vitamin C, how much vitamin C per day for women, can it be dangerous if you take much etc.

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As there is lot to discuss, I guess I’d be better if you start the real topic by leaving this chit-chat behind.


As about essence, vitamin C is the store house of many. In passing It is a must-to- include in your daily pregnancy diet.

So, at the end of the day, vitamin C will prove itself so effective by lending a helping hand to lots of benefits. Such as

  • Boosts immunity
  • Produces collagen in the body
  • Improves the body’s ability to absorb iron
  • Improves overall health
  • Supplies antioxidants
  • Protects you from severe effects of cold
  • Helps to ease stress
  • Slows the skin ageing
  • Reduces the risk of chronic disease
  • Manages high blood pressure
  • Helps with development of the body

It hard to believe that only one vitamin could do such brilliant things for you at a single stoke! However it actually performs miracles.

Okay, to get clear understanding about these helps, let’s bat over each benefit by the method of one-at-a-time.


The first thing that vitamin C does for you is, it strengthen your immune system in this crucial period.

It goes without saying that pregnancy interrupts like every system in your body.  As I say every system means physical, emotional, hormonal, psychological and even your only immunity.

This weekend immunity can make you prone to catch vulnerable pregnancy infection.

Yet, pregnancy can alter this misfortune into a good outcome.

Needless to say that, vitamin C lends a helping hand for the production of white blood cells (WBC) in your body.

This in further, upgrades your immunity to fight unnecessary infections during pregnancy.


The only way to produce collagen in the body is by supplying yourself vitamin C.

Without it, the body won’t be able to produce collagen in a larger scale.

But, hold on here by the way, what collagen means exactly?

Touching an collagen, it is a protein, responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity.  

Well, in the case of vitamin C it supports the production of collagen and this makes it an essential cofactor in the synthesis of collagen in pregnant ones.


Vitamin C is the essential factor, who repels the iron deficiency of iron as it increases the body’s ability to absorb it.

As you must have expected maternity period demands a greater amount of iron than the non-pregnant ones needs.

According to tons of studies, pregnancy demands about double of the amount of iron in comparison to the non-pregnant people.

This occurs to form red blood cells (RBC), which will carry oxygen to your growing body.

But, in parental period you’re more likely to face iron deficiency because of the increased blood volumes.

Lately, this may lead to severe health complications and will make adverse impacts on mother and developing baby.

However, vitamin C can increase the solubility of iron in the small intestine, fulfilling the necessary demands of it in your maternal period.


What can be more fruitful than getting healthier each and every day?

Will not that be rewarding by any means?

It is so obvious that, vitamin C works to repair your baby tissue.

Other than any vitamins, specifically vitamin C repairs your muscles tissue and bones, heal your wounds, helps in bone growth together with building healthy skin.

It also acts as antioxidants, which in further protect your cells from sincere dangerous.

So, in this corresponding reason, vitamin C during pregnancy can improve your over all health.


Vitamin C is extremely popular among the expecting ones because of its antioxidants quality.

It is rich in antioxidant  feature enriches your body’s ability to knock out free radicals which lately  leads a lower chance to develop life-threatening health issues like Cancer and heart disease.


Together with bunch of advantages, vitamin  C can also helpful to make you clear of severe effects of cold as well.

Let me be honest with my answer, which is vitamin isn’t the cure of common cold .It truly is not.

But, it’s been known as to minimize the risk of complication including pneumonia and lung infections.


Nobody would ever have related stress with vitamin C. But, this article does.

Stress is actually combined with this vitamin for sure.

In accordance to a study’s report, a deficiency in vitamin C is directly linked with increased stress levels and other stress related diseases.

The study continued that, vitamin C is one of the very first nutrients to be depleted in the people who are alcoholic, smoke and obesity problems.

So, if you’re suffering through stress during pregnancy then re-examine whether you’re vitamin C consumption is on the right track or notes it is so sensitive to stress.


Many won’t believe, yet vitamin C slows the aging. As I stated a little while ago, vitamin C is a great contributor of antioxidants factors.

These antioxidant qualities can be beneficial when it’s about ageing.

Adding more, vitamin C multiplies the production of collagen. This factor further will take a good care of elasticity of your skin and will hamper the appearance of wrinkles.

Plus, it can hamper the dryness of your skin.

So, don’t waste your time and money over taking care your skin. Some perfect dosage of vitamin C is quite enough to do so!


Vitamin C is one of the natural sources that decrease the chances of getting in fetal chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases including heart disease, cancer, altered eyesight, eye diseases can be controlled by the help of vitamin C as well.

As you always aware, this practical vitamin is a great way to deliver healthy antioxidants to your body in the gestational weeks.

This will provide the green signal to fight off free radicals who bring about chronic diseases.


High blood pressure or hypertension is a not that good factor for motherhood in any extent.

With relevance to hypertension on during pregnancy it can lead the way to various difficulties like, heart disease, decreased blood flow to the placenta or more severely a premature birth.

Thus, needs to get controlled. Well, thanks to vitamin C as by hook or crook.

It can moderately reduce blood pressure among the pregnant women.


Plenty of medical studies have already declared that, serving vitamin C for a daily basis in the neonatal period has a direct connect with development of infants.

As similar to your case, vitamin C can also redirect your unborn baby’s collagen production.

This at a greater distance will help to build of tendons, bones and skin of it.

Over teeth and above that, it can also be vital for the spike up of your baby’s immunity.

So, in the tune with this practical ways, vitamin C is really and really helpful for the growth of your baby.

To all the intents and purpose, these are the extraordinary benefits you can gain as well, by putting some extra efforts with vitamin C in your pregnancy diet plan.

So, more over these are the benefits of the vitamin C during pregnancy.


In most cases pregnant women are recommended to follow a pregnancy-friendly diet plan.

They got to put in a good word for it, as it because it just contains all the helpful     information that you have to follow for great healthy results.

But, in case you’re not following any, then here is a list for foods-to-eat to get the sufficient amount of vitamin in pregnancy period.

  • Orange Juice
  • Orange
  • Kiwi
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Green Leaf Vegetables
  • Green Bell Pepper
  • Strawberries
  • Broccoli
  • Grape Fruit
  • Citrus Fruits

These foods do contain huge amounts of Vitamin C. For example only ¾ cup of orange juice contains 93 millions of Vitamin C with other additional advantages though.

As we are taking about pregnancy diet plan you can also eat a little amount of pickles along with your dirt get C’s benefits

No, it does not include much of it but ‘it’s enough to provide you a bunch of benefits and really is the food to satisfy and type of pregnancy  craving.


Every step that takes place should be well calculated in pregnancy and so do the consumption of vitamin C during pregnancy.

Thus, how much Vitamin C is considered to intake while pregnant then?

In the event of dose, the high intake of Vitamin C is not considered as safe. Thus you have to be mindful on that.

Pregnant women aged under the age of 18 should intake 1800 mg of it. On the other hand women who are 18+ or over 19 should provide themselves about 2000mg of vitamin C.

But, not over that.

This is why you have to be mild and keep it easy on your cravings to prevent any kind of pregnancy misfortune.


As you are informed earlier a pregnant women should intake vitamin C under the limitation of 2000mg per day.

But, if anyhow she crosses the limit, it will be so obvious to face adverse consequence.

In a decent and direct way, you may hug into these side-effects of too much vitamin C during pregnancy.

  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach ache and cramping
  • Mild abdominal discomfort

Well these are the normal or medium side effects of vitamin C that you many come across but, there are other upshots who lacks attention and are seriously concerning.

Long term intake of too much Vitamin C integrates the risk of negative health impacts.

These negative health impacts during pregnancy are discuss right here.

  • Nutrient Imbalance
  • Bone spurs
  • Kidney Stones
  • Preterm Child Birth
  • Low Birth Weight Baby (Due to preterm Labor)

If you are still carrying some doubts on your back then pregarlybody highly suggest you to have a genuine conversation with your doctor, healthcare provider or midwife.


Pregnancy demands a perfect quantity of vitamin C. Its importance can’t be and shouldn’t be ignored by any means.

Because of that, you have to be mindful about the doses. But, hey! Do you know how exactly does your body signals that you are lacking out this vital vitamins?

Well, it clearly doesn’t raise its hand though!

Then how to know about your vitamin C deficiency in your pregnancy? Can you make a guess at this question?

Well, then these are the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency during pregnancy that you have to deal with!

  • Fatigue
  • Moderate healing of cuts and wounds
  • Bruises
  • Dry and wrinkled skin
  • Gum inflammation

You are more likely to experience these bodily signs with the deficiency of vitamin C during pregnancy.


Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is nothing less than that any kind of minerals, nutrients, while expecting.

It allows your body to absorb iron, ease stress, prevent chronic inflammatory diseases, hamper aging and considerably a lot more benefits.

So, should you spend your money over vitamin c supplements. No, obviously not!  It’s the only straight forward answer.

Simply there is no need of supplementation,

You are already having everything to fill the demand of vitamin c in your body.

Natural fruits, vegetables and your prenatal vitamins already contain the required amount of vitamin C.

So, if you approach more it can be problematic. Balance diet is always enough.

So everything considering everything there is no need of vitamin c supplements during pregnancy.

You can go for it only if your doctor recommends to do so. Unless don’t!


All is said and all is done. So, all in all this article ends here. It’s really precious to see that you are still tuning in. In passing that’s the only thing matters to me.

Also hope that came to know the importance of vitamin C during pregnancy. Don’t forget to comment you thoughts about this post in the comment section.

All at the end pregarlybody wishes you a happy and safe pregnancy ahead.

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