ways which you can adopt to prevent cramping of legs while pregnant.


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Nothing can be worse, can be critical than those annoying leg cramps during pregnancy. Those cramps at night while pregnant always are like “Hey, I’m here on your door again, just does something about me.”

And trust me on that, you can’t ignore them at all. There is no chance of it.

Believe it or not, leg cramps while pregnant is way more exhausting than one can even tolerate. However, they occur in legs but it always gets into your nerves.

Sounds a bit dramatic?

Well, that’s doesn’t matter, cause I’m sure that you are definitely goanna agree with me. Won’t you?

If you are going through this, then you must me fascinated to know more stuffs relating to this topic.

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Well, thankfully, this article is headed over to explore more about leg cramps in pregnancy.

Such in case are leg cramps causes; leg cramps effects, how to prevent leg cramps and seriously a way beyond that.

Then why make more delay? Let’s go straight right into this post without any further linger.


You may discover it jaw dropping, but there can be multiple factors that may cause leg cramps during pregnancy. This factor include

  • Changes in blood circulation
  • Dehydration
  • Increased pressure on legs
  • Fatigue
  • Deficiency in calcium and magnesium

These are the 5 enormous causes that make a pregnant women experience leg cramps while pregnant.

Let’s see what’s your particular reason that is making you to face cramps in your gestational period.

1.Changes in blood circulation

The rapid changes in blood circulation throughout your body can be the foremost reason behind leg cramping.

As you are pregnant your body secretes lots of hormone in a little time period.

Later, it affects the blood circulation in your body.

But, hey, how does blood circulation can cause leg cramps though?

Well, later in your gestational, you face an increased amount of of your body’s blood volume. In further, this results in the moderation in blood flow. Thus causes leg cramps\while pregnant.

2. Dehydration

You may find it not that relatable, hence, lacking out water or simply dehydration may cause leg cramps too.

Don’t think it’s me, multiple studies have shown a relation between dehydration and this common pregnancy problem.

This is how it does that. And I will be delighted to drag your attention on it !

As you know before, water is essential for your body. But when you keep in a habit in staying a less hydrated, your body’s vital organs including your muscle don’t get the sufficient water and electrolytes as much as they require.

In this particular situation, your muscles are more likely to be get cramped. Thus causing pregnancy cramps in your prenatal period.

So, be mindful to drink plenty amount of water. If you I tell you the exact amount, then drinking 8-12 cups of fluids suits best for pregnant women.

Otherwise, be ready for the trouble.


There is nothing surprising that you are going to gain some extra weight.

The tiny feet inside you will put a massive pressure on your legs which will eventually lead to cramps while pregnant.

This is how it happens exactly-

When you will grow older in your gestational age, the growing fetus inside you will put continuous pressure on your leg muscles mostly on the nerves, blood vessels and veins.

These results in low blood circulation and lead to leg cramps while carrying a baby.


As I told you just a while ago, you get an incredible pressure on your legs thorough out the pregnancy. This pressure will develop slowly steadily and will over after the child birth.

But before that, as your baby just squeeze your leg muscles. And you exactly know that, this makes your muscle more likely to get fatigued.

And further causing leg cramps during pregnancy.


 As like others, deficiency of calcium and magnesium during your motherhood can make an impact on your health. Well this impact is nothing other than leg cramping.

According to the dozens of medical review, your nerves and muscle directly depend on the calcium present on your body.

When it’s about magnesium, it lays a significant role in numerous nuclear transitions and also in muscle contraction.

In case you are lacking out these 2 minerals in your pregnancy diet then you may face certain health issues including cramping and swelling of your legs.

Therefore these are the 5 cause of leg cramps while pregnant you should be aware of.

Be that as it may, now, we are done talking about its causes and it’s time to focus on its effects.


Usually, cramping of leg muscles is a basic problem that pregnant women go through and causes effects from slim to none.

But, at the same time it can bring a little too many hurdles if you turn a deaf ear towards it.

Well, in first severe cramps may cause damage to the muscles. Too much cramping may also result in calf strain.

Adding more, acute leg cramps at night may give rise to sleep disorder. Yes, the severe pain in your legs, calf, toes etc. may make you wake up contentiously which will crowed off to lack of sleep while expecting.

Just saying, these are the 2 effects of leg cramps during pregnancy which I thought you should be familiar with?

But hey, when do pregnancy leg cramps start. I mean what should you expect your leg cramps be in each trimester?   

Got any ideas? Read more to know.


It is very rare to expect leg cramps in the first trimester. But, some women do experience it because of rapid hormonal changes in their bodies. If you’re one of these women then you may face minor aches and pains in your leg region.


Later in your motherhood, you will start to experience a significance pressure on your legs and leg cramps become so common in the second trimester.

In this period, your round ligament muscle will give you cramps as it stretches.

You may also come across dull aches in your lower abdominal, with sharp stabs of pain.

It’s also ordinary to face cramps because of constipation, gas and sexual intercourse in this trimester.


As in the third trimester, the leg cramp become so normal and you will start to experience it in regular basis. As your baby enlarges in each day, it pressures the nerves, who run through your legs.

Thus causes stress on leg muscles. It also results in abnormal blood flow to contribute to the obvious cramping of legs.

In this period, cramps become very uncomfortable and believe me, become a thing which can’t be treated for a long time.

In this way leg cramps start from second trimester and lasts till the child birth.

All you studied here is, only bad part about this common problem. But hey, do you know what the best thing about them is? Any Guesses?

Well the best thing about them is, they can be prevented and it is as sure as eggs are eggs. Won’t believe my words?

You should read on to know the right procedures which will help you to ease leg cramps during pregnancy.


As I indicated you earlier, there are easy yet fruitful ways which you can adopt to prevent cramping of legs while pregnant. They go like:

  • Stretch calf muscles
  • Stay active more often
  • Try on magnesium supplement
  • Put on right foot wear
  • Keep your calcium level up
  • Stay well hydrated

Well, well, do this preventions work as I stated!


Stretching your calf is one of the best ways to knock cramps out of your pregnancy. It’s just like jewel in the crown, though.

I use the word best because; stretching leads you to have better blood circulation throughout your body. It will also release some stress which is really needed in your pregnancy.

Like this trick?

Don’t forget to seek your doctors ‘OKAY’ before you actually start doing it.


Resting on the bed all day long is not going to help anyways. Especially in  this particular phase.

Staying active, will help you to get a better blood circulation, reducing the chances of getting those cramped legs.

So, get up. Stop being lazy which you are absolutely not! Keep on walking, do some exercise. But, don’t stay inactive.


As you read before, lacking out magnesium while expecting, results in cramping of legs. This may also lead to swollen legs, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, blood clots in blood vessels and a lot.

But, seriously who wants to take these headaches anyways?

To avoid them, you can simply try out a perfect magnesium supplement. This will keep your body moving and lets you to be active.

If you want to prevent leg cramps during pregnancy,. Try out a magnesium supplement. This will pay you off.


Walking with a pair of heel is really a bad choice that you can ever make. Apart from heels, putting on wrong foot wear may also result in difficulties and will be a bringer of cramped legs.

Instead of them, wearing a foot wear that suits and fits you would be wise. You can switch on to a comfortable shoe to stay an arm’s away from leg cramps while pregnant.

If you’re looking for nice, pregnancy friendly footwear, then try this one out.  


As you already know, reduced calcium levels in your body causes harms . This in further, leads to leg cramps though.

So, wise on your selection. Choose a perfect pregnancy healthy diet plan, which is loyal about in its every information. Eat foods that are rich in calcium, to stay away from this problem which is actually a headache.


Staying well hydrated has lots of benefits on your body. One of these benefits include the prevention against cramping of leg muscles.

Intake plenty amount of water, as per requirement.

So, in these ways you can prevent leg cramps. You should also try out practicing exercises to get over it.

But remember; never forget to console with your healthcare provider before doing anything, for the sake of your health.

As far as I can guess, you’re still here looking for the methods to calm down an active cramp within minutes. If that’s true then, you must continue reading.


See, an active cramp is nothing less than walking through hell. It brings a plenty amount of discomfort which aren’t bearable.

This is why; it needs to get treated instantly. Don’t you think so?

Politely, for the sake of good, there are certain methods who can give you instant relief from an active leg cramp.  They go like,

  • Give it a firm massage right away
  • Straighten your leg and flex the foot
  • Don’t hurry to walk with the pain. Sit and relax for a while
  • Gently try to stretch the calf on the affected side
  • Get a hot shower, when get able to do that
  • Try out some ice massage
  • Treat yourself with hot bath, when get able to do that

If you notice an active cramp, you must try doing these activities to get instant relief from it.

Nevertheless it is not good to always neglect your health. Even though these method work, but it doesn’t mean to do experiment especially when your symptoms are unbearable. In such cases, you should give up doing home remedies and get medical help.


Even though, leg cramps are so common in pregnancy yet it can be problematic if it lacks attention. You must study your current symptom and ask medical help when it’s needed.

  1. In such situation the symptoms include
  2. Severe In comfort
  3. Cramps happen frequently
  4. Don’t improve with home remedies
  5. Leg Swollen, Redness, Varicose veins and more
  6. Muscle Weakness

If you are suffering through these difficulties, then stop searching for perfect self-care in internet. You need medical attention.

Care for Yourself!


All is said and all is done, so all in all this article ends here. I honestly appreciate that you are still tuning in.

And again I hope you came across a lot about leg cramps during pregnancy through our internet conversation.

Lastly let me know if I missed anything that should be discussed in this article in the comment section below.

So, all at the end PREGARLYBODY wishes you a healthy and safe pregnancy ahead.

Patricia Pifer

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