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27 Good Foods That can Cause Miscarriage Frequently

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Pregnancy pours unlimited advices into your life. Don’t do that, it could be harmful! Do that it is brilliant for you! Don’t rush, walk slow and a plentiful of suggestions. But the major advice you must have heard in this period is, do not eat it at all. Why do they say so? Well, of course, the answer is there are some foods that can cause miscarriage-the most unfortunate thing to run into during pregnancy.

Papaya, unpasteurized meats, raw eggs are the major ones. But what about the others since there are about 26 foods that should be forbidden in the neonatal period no matter what.

Foods That can Cause Miscarriage

Well, what this article is going to chew over is, discussing the untapped foods to avoid during pregnancy, moreover the foods that cause miscarriage.

Here are the shortlisted foods to minimize or even to completely ban during pregnancy.


Sprouted potato can be dangerous to eat while pregnant since it can possibly lead to miscarriage.

This type of potatoes contains a load of glycoalkaloids. This substance, however, can have toxic effects in humans when get consumed in a larger scale.

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Also with that, sprouted potatoes hold solanine in them, which can hinder the baby’s overall growth, lately causing major birth defects.  

Eating normal potatoes with gestational diabetes, on the other hand, can uplift your sugar levels which is even riskier to a mother-to-be.


Having sesame seeds no matter black or white could be fatal for pregnant ladies. These seeds may possibly stimulate the uterine muscles, lately causing the ejection of the fertilized ovum.

Eating them together with honey in the early pregnancy can put you in trouble like no other.

That’s why pregnant women get thoroughly advised to avoid sesame seeds during the first 3-4 months of pregnancy.

By knowing these terrible outcomes, a host of women even decide to give up sesame seeds throughout their gestational period.


Consuming animal liver in a minimal amount is safe and healthy during pregnancy and the quantity counts as once or twice a month.

Animal liver eaten in a wide-ranging amount however can be damaging. Since it is so rich in retinol-a type of vitamin A, eating it in a sizeable quantity can potentially cause miscarriage or worse birth defects in the developing fetus mostly in the first trimester.

So, you can have animal liver, but only in a pint-sized manner. You can even replace this food with healthy substitutes such as well-cooked meats, green veggies, fruits and vegetables, soy chunks and skip this unhealthy chunk.


Papaya is the fruit that constantly gets kicked out of a pregnancy diet from the very beginning. And it should be because it can cause premature labor and miscarriage.

Unripe papaya, especially the green skinned ones contain latex. This component found in this fruit can trigger marked uterine contraction, simply resulting in early labor.

And! It weakens the vital membranes that support the baby.

Papaya works as a natural laxative that brings on preterm labor in expecting women.

Papaya seeds, on the flip side, can provoke contraction of the uterus which can answer with miscarriage.


Properly cooked eggs are extremely healthy and are counted as one of the super foods for pregnancy. But raw eggs on the others can be dramatically opposite of it since results with cold miscarriages.

Raw eggs are known to carry diseases causing organism in them. For example salmonella.

This salmonella bacteria can cause salmonellosis-A type of food poisoning in pregnancy that can bring brutal consequences like miscarriage and temporarily weakened immune system.

For the reason that, you are pregnant, you are more vulnerable to illnesses in comparison to others.

So as long as you are expecting shun the thought of eating under cooked, runny or raw eggs until you give birth.

Let’s see what’s the food next in the list of foods that cause miscarriage.


Pregnancy without the urge of eating pickles seems quite unrelatable. Doesn’t it?

Well, you can go extremely crazy to have pickles still stay steer clear of those homemade mango pickles.

Homemade pickles especially the mango pickles carry a greater chance to develop listeria bacteria in them.

Food poisoning by listeria or listeriosis, nonetheless, can eventually give rise to serious pregnancy complication such as preterm labor, low birth weight of a baby along with pregnancy loss.

So circumvent eating homemade mango pickles doesn’t matter how much you crave them.


Days are so gone when you used to start your days holding a cup of coffee in your hands. Now that you’re pregnant, you’ve to limit your caffeine intake by any means, whatsoever! 

Oftentimes, the out-of-control intake of caffeinated drinks results in off beat factors including miscarriage or an underweighted baby.

It can even promote high blood pressure, migraine and unbearable headaches during pregnancy.

But in worse manner, it can easily cross the placenta which can lead to higher risk of miscarriage and low-birth-weight baby.

Thus, a pregnant women must limit her caffeine intake in any way.


Dairy products won’t do any favors for you, unless they are pasteurized. Besides, consumptions diary products such as yogurt, soft cheese, ice-cream or even milk can deliver diseases causing bacterium into your body.

Most common effects of having unpasteurized dairy products are food poisoning with listeria, E. coli, Salmonella and campylobacter.

A part from E. coli, the other bacterium carries the capability in causing major health illness, miscarriage or death of the fetus in ovary.

Thus, prefer drinking only pasteurized milk, heat it with a high temperature in order to kill germs.


Blue veined cheese is another food that can cause miscarriage. Since, they are made with mould, thay carry a greater chance to be contaminated with listeria.

Listeria-one of the types of foodborne malady that can affect the development of unborn infant and can cause miscarriage.

Along with blue-veined ones, don’t eat brie and cambert if you’re determined to not to face any type of complications while expecting.


One of the desired foods, still gets expel from balanced pregnancy diet. Eating raw shellfish can inject a plenty number of parasites and bacteria into your body.

This in further, can eventually cause listeriosis, toxoplasmosis and salmonella during pregnancy, increasing the threat of miscarriage while expecting.


In spite of the fact that drumstick contains a load of vitamins, healthful factors including iron and potassium still you shouldn’t intake it while gestation.

Consuming drumstick in massive amount can be dangerous due to the presence of alpha-sitosterol can welcome unpleasant outcomes in expecting ladies.


Along with a bunch of foods, pregnant women are also recommended to avoid wild apples. Their rich and sour properties can induce the uterus to contract.

This unusual behavior implanted by wild apples can possibly lead the way to a premature labor or miscarriage.

Thus, and thus, wild apples are able to keep a place on the list of foods that can cause miscarriage.


Alcohol is a no for a pregnant woman at all times, no matters what the circumstances are. There is no safe time neither any safe amount to consume it while expecting.

It can negatively put bad impacts on the fetus by increasing the dangers of miscarriage and still birth.

Plus, alcohol use in the first months of maternity can result in abnormal facial features of the baby and higher possibility of heart defects.

Although you are stress out with pregnancy which is absolutely normal to feel so, don’t ever take the help of alcohol to get relaxed. Not even a single sip!!


Eating raw spouts provides an increased chance of facing major birth defects, preterm labor or worse miscarriage in pregnancy.

Raw sprouts are more likely to be infected with environmental bacteria.  That’s why ready-to-eat sprouts can expose salmonella, which of course leads to miscarriage in pregnancy.

However, eating completely cook sprouts in pregnancy is quite sound to be eaten

List of sprouts to avoid in pregnancy

  • Bean and pea sprouts
  • Sprouts grains
  • Radish sprouts
  • Nut and seed sprouts
  • Vegetables or leafy sprouts


Aloe Vera is so-well-recognized for providing essential health benefits. It can supply plentiful advantages like- can treat canker sores, reduce constipation, improve skin and prevent wrinkles, slow down blood sugar levels and some more noticeable benefits.

But pregnant women are not allowed to take advantages of this kind food since it comprises anthraquinones.

This element found in aloe vera, is a natural laxative that can induce contractions of the uterus and cause pelvic bleeding. This, in obvious, results with an unfriendly miscarriage.


Hygiene and pregnancy are so closely related. And in this time if you take the other way, things could be offbeat. For example, eating unwashed vegetables and welcoming dangers.

Unwashed vegetables can contain toxoplasma-a parasite that can be fatal for both the mother and her unborn child.

It can possibly bring adverse result like miscarriage, stillbirth and some other birth defects.

That means that, first wash and then eat. No matter if it’s a root vegetables like arum or something shiny like bell peppers during pregnancy.


Pregnant women get repeatedly advised to not to eat deli or lunch meat while expecting.

Well, it’s okay to intake properly cooked meat, but if it is not well cooked then it may possibly contain listeria bacteria.

And as you already know, coming across listeriosis can be risky as it can cause miscarriage.

The centers for disease control (CDC) reports that, pregnant women must evade eating hot dogs, lunch meats, cold cuts and other deli meats unless they are heated up to 165-degree F.

It also matters to serve it hot, as they can harbor bacteria which can grow even if refrigerated.


The consumption of peaches in vast amount should be avoided, mostly in pregnancy.

The heavy eating of peaches, can produce excess heat in the body, eventually leading to internal bleeding.

Besides, an expecting lady should peel the skin of the peaches in order to not to face any kind of burning and itching sensation forming in the throat.

You, of course can eat it, but the only key is moderation!


Undercooked meat can be toxic for gestational period, thus has counted as a food that can cause miscarriage.

Expanding on, by-products of raw or undercooked meat are more likely to contain bacterium and parasites in them. So, eating them up can lead to foodborne illness such as severe food poisoning in expecting ones.

These foodborne maladies, in further, can result with miscarriage in the gestational period.


Fishes with towering mercury levels are off-limits foods for pregnant ladies. Respected authorities such as FDA and EPA, generously guide these specific group of people to not to eat seafoods holding high mercury content.

However, if you eat this food with rich mercury content, the substance can accumulate in your blood stream over the time.

This high mercury level in your blood, furthermore can translate into hampering the baby’s brain and nervous system.


These particular fishes stated below are high in mercury content. Ergo, a pregnant women should definitely be avoiding them.

  • Orange Roughy
  • Shark
  • King mackerel
  • Tilefish
  • Bigeye tuna
  • Tuna
  • Marlin


The consumption of unpasteurized fruit juices could be a bad choice to run into.

There is a higher possibility that pregnant woman can face major complications that can put both the mother as well as her baby in danger by intake of it.

Oftentimes, raw fruits and vegetables are used to manufacture unpasteurized juice that is unsafe.

This raw basic material used in them can hold disease causing bacterium. For instance- listeria and toxoplasma gondaii.

These two bacteria can eventually result with listeriosis and toxoplasmosis- the fatal food poisoning that can lead to spontaneous labor.

So, this is how unpasteurized fruit juices place themselves in the list of foods that can cause miscarriage in pregnancy.


Gulping down unlimited amounts of food only for the sake of pregnancy cravings could be a thing to keep yourself away from.

Usually, junk foods contain too much calorie, fats and sugar in them. These factors can assist your body to sustain unhealthy weight gain or become obese.

And overweight problem is affiliated with almost all kinds of pregnancy complications including: high blood pressure, gestational diabetes mellitus, preeclampsia and some other major ones.

But most importantly, having a high BMI (body mass index), can increase the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth.

So, keep your junk food treats occasionally to avoid overweight problems in pregnancy.


Eating pineapple during pregnancy can cause fatal outcomes. Many aren’t aware, still pineapple contains bromelain- a substance that softens the cervix and starts labor contractions.

This unluckiness can translate into miscarriage. Not only this, eating it in excess manner can cause vaginal bleeding in pregnant women as well.

This is how pineapple in certain circumstances becomes one of the fruits to avoid during pregnancy.


The intake of herbs should not be done by gestating ladies. Herbs can cause miscarriage due to the strong agents present in them.

Most of the herbs include steroids in them, which can lead to abnormal maturing of unborn baby in the womb.


Typically, a host of natural herbs can work as toxins to a mother-to-be. But you can have the recommended ones that are only recommended by your doctor.

But be aware of the following ones in pregnancy by fair means or foul.

  • Blue cohosh
  • Ephedra
  • Purple passion flower
  • Black cohosh
  • Pennyroyal
  • Dong quai
  • Perforate St. john’s-wort
  • Saw palmetto

These above-mentioned herbs are dangerous and pregnant women never ever get recommended to intake any of them.


You are allowed to eat smoked seafood, only if they are properly tempered. Raw seafoods containing shellfish, sushi, prawns, oysters and some other are more probable to be contaminated with listeria.

And listeria infection or food poisoning carry a greater chance in resulting with preterm labor or miscarriage.

On that account, you can eat properly cooked and hot served seafoods unless it can make you sick and expose the baby into dangers.


Grapes should be avoided in the days prior to childbirth in the final trimester. The over consumption of grapes can generate excess heat in the body.

And overheating, of course, can put the baby at the peak of danger.

So, avoid grapes in the final trimester.


Lastly yet importantly, pregnant women must avoid certain type of spices such as:

  • Garlic
  • Angelica
  • Asafoetida
  • Fenugreek
  • Peppermint

Let’s see how each of the spices can be disastrous.


Garlic is safe to devour while expecting but only in moderate amount. It has blood thinning properties that can severely affect blood pressure when eaten in larger quantities.

Adding more, pregnant women should be cautious in the case of raw garlic as well.


When eaten by mouth, Angelica

Can cause uterine contractions. This factor consequently results in miscarriage during pregnancy.


This spice is literally unsafe to intake while pregnant as because it can lead to a miscarriage in no time. Pregnant women must avoid using it right away.


Consuming Fenugreek in a larger scale can set off early contractions. Fenugreek on the other hand, can cause malformations in baby. That’s why its pretty unsafe to intake by gestating women.


Peppermint-one of the herbal drugs can be lethal for gestation. Expecting women should shun using it in vast amount and in the first trimester as well.

It induces menstruation, so just shun it away.


Putting all the mentioned results in to one list, these are the things to avoid during pregnancy that can cause miscarriage.

  • Fruits including: unripe papaya, grapes, wild apples, peach
  • Undercooked meat products, raw eggs, and animal liver
  • Herbs and raw sprouts
  • Unpasteurized dairy products, blue veined cheese and soft cheese
  • Unwashed vegetables and fruits
  • Raw or undercooked seafoods and high mercury seafoods
  • Sesame seeds
  • Sprouted potato
  • Aloe vera
  • Certain spices such as: garlic, angelica, fenugreek and peppermint
  • Alcohol
  • Unpasteurized fruits juices and a load of caffeine
  • Too much junk foods
  • Homemade mango pickles

These are the number of foods that lead to miscarriage.


The following ones are the foods that can cause miscarriage.

  • Unripe papaya
  • Pineapple
  • Grapes
  • Peach
  • Wild apples

Well, few of the above-mentioned fruits like grapes, peach and wild apples can be eaten occasionally and in moderation.


Some foods that can cause miscarriage can be eaten in moderation. For example: caffeinated drinks.

Having too-little-much caffeine can lead to miscarriage, but having it in moderation won’t do any harm. However, there are some foods who definitely can result in miscarriage no matter if you take them in moderation or occasionally.

These foods include:

  • Unripe papaya
  • Undercooked or raw meat
  • Raw eggs
  • Raw shellfish
  • High mercury fish
  • Unpasteurized dairy products
  • Alcohol
  • Certain spices
  • Raw sprouts
  • Aloe Vera

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Can papaya cause miscarriage in nearly pregnancy?

Unripe papaya evidently causes miscarriage in early pregnancy or even any time in pregnancy. The active enzymes present in papaya can result in contractions of the uterus, leading the way to unfortunate miscarriage.

Does spicy food cause miscarriage?

Eating spicy food does not cause miscarriage. Even some pregnant ones crave spicy foods. However, having too hot foods can increase the possibilities of issues like heartburn, upset stomach etc.

Can watermelon cause miscarriage?

No, watermelons do not cause miscarriage. Like even how could they however, pregnant women must avoid watermelons that remain at room temperature food long. And women who are dibasic should keep it occasional.

Can cucumber cause miscarriage?

Cucumber do not, cannot cause miscarriage. Moreover, having this high-water content fruit can prevent dehydration and can keep constipation, hemorrhoids at bay.

Can food poisoning cause miscarriage?

Food poisoning from toxoplasmosis, salmonella, campylobacter and listeria can cause miscarriage.

Can raw garlic cause miscarriage in early pregnancy?

Pregnant women usually get advised to put a stop to the massive intake of garlic and also eating or raw garlic. Raw garlic hold blood thing capacity which can affect you blood pressure a lot. And this can be a little problematic.

Does papaya cause miscarriage?

It is so obvious that papaya do cause miscarriage. The powerful substances present in papaya can induce labor by triggering uterine contraction. So, avoid it.

Can grapes cause miscarriage?

No, grapes do not cause miscarriage. But eating this fruit in a larger scale, especially the months prior to delivery can lead to excess heat in body. This in further can result in severe birth defects and miscarriage.

Can raw eggs cause abortion?

Raw eggs do cause abortion. Undercooked moreover raw eggs carry salmonella bacteria in them which is responsible for higher risks of pregnancy loss.

Can olive leaf cause miscarriage?

No, such evidence has been collection regarding olive leaf and miscarriage. Still, pregnant women shouldn’t use olive leaf greater than the amount found in diet


All is said and all is done so all in all this article ends here. I appreciate that you’re still tuning in and I hope that you came to know a lot about the foods that cause miscarriage.

All at the end pregarlybody wishes you a blissful pregnancy ahead!!!

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