How To Boost Immunity During Pregnancy With These 14 Foods

How To Boost Immunity During Pregnancy with these 14 Foods

How to Mindset

Have you ever lend an ear to the saying that goes “An unhealthy immune system equals a healthy body”? Well, that’s a pure truth in every phase of life yet should be given tag of “especially” during pregnancy. You just can’t ignore it in any extent.

To boost immunity during pregnancy is a mandatory thing that seeks proper attention.

You have to be attentive to it in order to stay steer clear of both uncommon and common pregnancy infections, Protect healthy tissues, fight off the adverse microorganism as well as cancer cells etc. in your gestational period.

Hence, everything considering keeping your immunity on track is important indeed.

So, all in all, how to boost your immune system? What are foods that boost immune system in pregnant women?

You’ll soon discover the answer but before that you must be aware why immunity is important in maternal period and the interesting fact behind the lowering in it while gestation.

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As well all already know, immunity is crucially important during pregnancy.

But, why is it important anyway?

Well, simply keeping your immune level up is essential, to keep hateful compilations far away.

On account of the fact that your pregnant, you’re more prone to come to terms with health issues than others.

These health issues can include starting from common cold or flu to life-threating infections including bacterial vaginosis, human immunodeficiency virus, dengue, influenza virus etc.

More to say, these adverse infections can actually lead to miscarriage or preterm labor in the maternal periods.

A healthy immunity level can reduce the risk of getting into diseases as it improves the capability of multicellular organisms to resist harmful microorganisms.

This is why immunity is so vital for the prenatal period.


Here lies an interesting scientifically proven fact that lowers your immune levels while expecting. Run your eyes over it.


It goes without saying that, your body alternates a lot while motherhood. And most of the changes occur for the vast hormonal changes.

However, these changes are actually, really necessary yet can alter your immune system.

Pregnancy hormones like estrogen and progesterone are seemed to affect your immunity and its corresponding functions.

Thus, changes in hormones  means change in immune function in your changing body.


As unlikely as it may seem, yet your body weakens its own immunity in order to keep the infant safe in the womb.

I know it sound a bit weird, so let me explain it more clearly.

As you know, the immune system’s foremost duty is to kill off the foreign invader in the body.

Well, in the matter of the fetus or developing baby, it’s a completely separate entity from the mother.

In simple sweet and decent manner your baby is a foreign invader as well.

So, if anyhow, pregnancy doesn’t signal the body to weaken the immune level then white blood cells may attack the fetus in order of priority to the mother’s health.

This is why your body undergoes immunity based probes at the early phase of your gestational period.

These are the two foremost reasons behind the lowered immune system in early pregnancy that pregnant women are forced face.

Still and all, coming into the possession of health issues over and over again is no fun at all.

Literally nobody wants to get sick twice a month in the neonatal period. It really sucks and be dangerous too.  

As that being in the case, you’ve to be conscious about your diet in response to shun out low immunity level while expecting.

Thereupon, these are the 14 foods that can assist you to enjoy a healthful immunity all the time.

Just get clued up about them.


The entire discussion we discussed summarizes only one thing which is boost your immunity is really important in pregnancy.

For this corresponding reason, I already have jotted down the foods who carry the ability to increase immunity during pregnancy.

The massive list goes like this,

  • Cow’s milk
  • Yogurt
  • Garlic
  • Kiwi
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Green tea
  • Mixed nuts
  • Sweet potato
  • Chicken soup
  • Turmeric
  • Pickles
  • Whole grains
  • Fatty fish
  • Eggs
  • Let’s bad around each food with brief results.


Cow’s milk is a must-to-include in any kind of diet  most importantly in a pregnant diet.

This dairy product contains tons of nutritional factors such as rich in both protin, calcium., includes vitamin B12, iodin, magnesium, Vitamin D and lot more to add.

This is why cow’s milk is considered as the healthiest drink for expecting women for boosting immunity.


Best Yogurt is known as to spike of the immunity levels and is a brilliant source of vitamins and protein.

Adding more, it comprises probioitic qualities that improves both your guts/intestional health and immunity.


Garlic is well popular for its suuficient advantages to human body. It has antiseptic, anti fungal and antibaterial agents in itself.

It helps to boost immunity and keep viruses and microorganisms at bay.

For these corresponding practical reasons, garklic is highly recommended to eat in prenatal period.


Cirtrus fruits mainly holding kiwi are suggested to intake for the spike up of immunity.

Refering ti kiwi, it is filled with vitamins, fiber and lots of antioxidants. It also bears vitamin C that stimulates the body’d immunity response as well.


Leafy vegies and fruits are alwys been involves with the outcomes of health.

Studies show that, plant based foods are rich in numereous amount of antioxidants. This healpful nature them is sufficient to keck out infectiuon and improve immunity in pregnant women.

In accordance to veggies and fruits you should give a shot for broccoli, red bell pappers, amla, citrus fruits, spinach, ripe papaya for better results.


Greentea is filled with diseases fighting antioxidants, polyphenol, epigallaocatechin gallate (EGCG) and other iongoing nutrientional factors.

But, out of them, EGCG has the ability to alleviate inflammation and boost immunity during pregnancy.


A daily dose of mixed nuts is enough to upgrade your immune levels. Mixed nuts including Pistachios, almonds and wall nuts contain Vitamin E in a substantial amount .

This Vitamin increases the body’s ability to improve immunity and fight against harmful microorganisms at a single stroke.


Sweet potaos are more sweet to the body that they sound. It ciontains pleanty amount of natural nuttrients like beta-carotene and vitamin A.

These 2 factors can be crucial to the expecting mothers who badly need to improve immunity during pregnancy.


Teast good and healthful as well. Checki\en soup is a store house of many nutrients and is nothing less than any kind of suppliments.

It accomendates many vitamins and nutrients Vitamin A, ascorbic acid, manganese, phosphorus, gelatin and some necessary anti oxidants.

These vutal qualities are quite enough to enhance immune system.


This yellow spice has an effective role for increased immunity levels in gestating women.

Adding more to the data, turmeric hasd got anti infammentory properties which boosts immunity even in the prople who are weak and have immune disorders.

That’s the power of this spice.


Not immensely popular but yet, pickles can also increase your immunity as well.

There are lots of benefits that you can even achieve by adding it to your pregnancy diet.

They can also lend a helping hand to ease morning sickness, nausea, supply electrolyte to the body and few other extraordinary benefits. So, don’t underestimate this pregnancy cravings at all.


As you already have expected again, whole grains have serious bonding with immunity during pregnancy.

They have bioactive compounds that spike up immunity and prevent serious health effects.

If you haven’y merge this healthy choice in your diet yet, then go on..

In passing, it will be smart choice to incvest in.


Fatty fishes, such in instances are tuna and salmon can perform brilliantly in preventing various infections and illnesses in gestational week.

Combining more, these fatty fishes contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

This in further helps with antibody or white blood cell production in the body.


What to say more about eggs?

They are filled with high quality protein, fat, iron, vitamin and list goes on and on and on..

This enriched food is so helpful to pregnant ones as it assists with uplifting the immunity and reduces the risk of getting into complications.

Everything combined, these are the best foods to improve immunity during pregnancy which I thought you should be familiar with.


junk foods that weaken your immunity system
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No offecnse to decraire that, you get something good, when you scrifies the bad. And so do in the case of healthy immune system.

You have to shun eating unhealthy foods inorder to be healthy, inorder to enhance your immune levels during pregnancy even if they taste like heaven.

Emotional talks aside, these are the foods you have to stop eating for the welfare of yourself.

  • Junk foods
  • Added sugar
  • Foods With High Omega-6 Fats
  • Processed Meats
  • Charred Meats
  • Too Salty Foods
  • Fried Foods
  • Foods that contains Certain Additives
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Highly refined Carbs
  • High Fat Foods

All I can suggest you is, be aware of these foods if you really want to raise your immunity during pregnancy.

They can’t do anything but, can put hurdles in your way to a healthy life. That’s all.


Did you aware that, you can actually boost your immune system rather than only loafing foods.

Well there are some ways you can act to double your immunity naturally.

Here are the tips for improving immunity poers during pregnancy.


  • Don’t smoke at all
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Be mindful about hygiene that you act
  • Cut off taking stress
  • Call it for a day to alcohol consumption
  • Prioritize your sleep schedule
  • Eat healthy meals
  • Stay well hydrated and drink sufficient amount of water

Here and there, easy steps great results.

Performing these easy tips will pay you off instantly and uplift your immunity.


However, you can see whst’s happening in their. Nobody can’t see through themselves to check wheathger they are lacking any nutrients or anything like that.

Thus you have to be conseious about the signs and symptoms.

On the subject of immunity, your body is more likely to display these following symptoms when the immunity is down.

  • Frequent infections
  • Gut problems
  • Tired Appears all the times
  • Insufficient energy to act
  • Wounds and cuts take too much time to heal
  • Cold becomes common
  • High stress levels
  • Fatigue

If you are struggling with these health issues then your immunity levels might have got increased.


All is said and all is done so all in all this article ends here. I genuinely appreciate that you are still tuning in and that means a lot , seriously a lot to me.

I also hope that you came to know at least something extra about the foods to boost immunity during pregnancy.

What’s more, feel free to comment this article is helpful or not as your opinion matters to us.

So, all at the end, PREGARLYBODY wishes you a healthy pregnancy ahead.

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