3 Effects Of Eating Pickles During Pregnancy

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Men, teenager, children even my cat knows that women crave pickles during pregnancy. 

But for any other pregnancy craving, this craving is much popular. And why women crave pickles in pregnancy can be the outcome of rapid hormonal changes and weird pregnancy symptoms

The craving to pickles while pregnant is so dominating you can find yourself at the midnight crying your heart out to have some. 

But the thing to investigate is, is it safe for you? 

Is there any chance that pickles can put bad impacts on your health or your baby’s ?

let’s find out.


Eating pickles in pregnancy is safe as long as it’s not homemade or pasteurized. 

almost all of the commercially made pickles are pasteurized or hold a minimum chance to grow harmful bacterium in them, which is safe for pregnant women

however, on the flip side, having homemade pickles during pregnancy can bring serious complications. 

That’s because they can develop harmful bacteria in them. 

For example, these types of pickles are seen to develop listeria in them that can lead to food poisoning during pregnancy

Listeriosis is dangerous for pregnancy as it can risk for miscarriage, preterm birth and more serious complications. 

Besides, maximum intake of pickles which are even pasteurized can be bothersome for your health. (The exact thing we are about to discuss)

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Pickles, when eaten without any limitations can bring problems including.

  • heartburn and acid reflux
  • high blood pressure
  • bloating and gut problems 
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Heartburn and acid reflux are fairly common in pregnancy. 

These are pretty common to face while expecting because of the surge of hormones in your body,

However to get rid of it, many pregnant women approach the so called home remedies.

There is a misleading factor says that “consumption of pickle juice treats a acid reflux or heartburn.” but let me tell you that it’s not the whole story. 

According to Healthline, many pregnant women find this home remedy useful but others totally disagree with it.

There are no scientific studies and researches who support or claim that the use of pickles as a treatment of of heartburn. 

Moreover, a typical jar of pickle contains water, raw ingredients, high amount of sodium, vinegar and some other chemical preservatives. 

These chemical preservatives including vinegar can possibly worsen your symptoms associated with heartburn and acid reflux.

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A poorly maintained high blood pressure can be fatal for pregnancy. 

moreover, it can crop up because of common issues including being overweight, little to no physical activities, higher blood volume in the body and more. 

This is why your healthcare provider tells you to do exercise to get rid of these unwanted health issues.

Back to the point, does eating too much pickles cause hypertension during pregnancy?

I am afraid to say, but yes, the over consumption may lead you to have high blood pressure or hypertension. 

Besides, a typical jar of pickle is seen to hold about 1208mg of sodium in it which can be very high for a hypersensitive patient. 

As about sodium it can put maximum stress on your blood vessels which eventually leads to high blood pressure during pregnancy. 

So, you better avoid this food craving in pregnancy incase you are dealing with high blood pressure. 


No offense to confess that bloating and gut related issues are exhausting during pregnancy. 

However, in pregnancy your digestion slows down because of a hormone named as progesterone. 

it relaxes the muscles located in your stomach region in order to make room for the baby. 

so, the foods that you intake moves slowly through your gut and gives rise to problems including bloated up, being gassy, indigestion, constipation in pregnancy and more.

Experts suggest that having spicy and chemical based pickles can flare up the odds with bloating and gut issues.

That’s because they are seen to create a acidic environment in your stomach that can cause heartburn, gas, bloating and gut problems worse. 

Besides, the high amount of oil used for the preparation of pickles is to blamed the same as the chemical preservatives for these gut problems. 

So, these are the top 3 effects of eating pickles during pregnancy. Thus, avoid eating it in higher amounts. 

However, eating pickles only in a limited quantity is quite safe and sound for your health.

In order to check if that’s true or not you can read my post next that elaborates the benefits of eating pickles during pregnancy

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Take a glance over the benefits of pickles while pregnant.


  • Fulfil the demands of salts in your body
  • Speed up slow digestion
  • Relieve nausea and vomiting
  • Aid fat problems
  • Relieve muscle cramps
  • May deliver some vitamins
  • Can balance electrolytes
  • Fight off free radicals
  • Boost your immunity

7 Reasons to avoid pickles during pregnancy :

However, if you are craving it as well as overeating it, then you must remind these drawbacks of pickles over and over gain to avoid it. 

  • Overeating may harm your health.
  • Even though they smell good and teats brilliant but they are very low in nutritional value.
  • Consuming too much achar is making your kidney and liver to work more.
  • Many types of gestational health issues may appear due to over consumption of pickles.
  • If you are reaching to have sweet pickles in a daily basis then remind your self that they are high in sugar.
  • They can force you to get more calories in pregnancy. 
  • On the top of that if you are a diabetes patients keep yourself away from sweet achar.


Eating pickles/acher is good or bad ?

It is good eating pickles to satisfy the pregnancy craving but it can be bad if you over consume it. Your body might be seeking to have some because of lacking of sodium levels, to balance the electrolytes, to maintain good vitamin level in your body. But it can be problematic towards you and your baby if you consume it in a vast amount.

Craving pickles while pregnant. Boy or girl ?

Craving pickles while pregnant. Boy or girl ? There are no scientific evidence that can clarify it. But old wives tales say that, it may be a baby boy if you crave for salty, savory and tangy flavored pickles during pregnancy. It only upon you if you are believer of old wives tales or not.

Can you eat branston pickle when pregnant ?

Yes you can eat branstone pickle when pregnant. These pickle is made out of variety of diced vegetables in it. Its tangy, sweet and just a little spicy flavor are able to satisfy your pickle cravings during pregnancy.

Lemon pickle for pregnancy ?

Lemon pickles are one of the safest pickles that you can eat during pregnancy. These pickles are rich in vitamin C, minerals and essential nutrients which may support your health and increase the development of the baby. IT is concluded that lemon pickles are safe to eat during pregnancy.

Do pickles help pregnancy nausea ?

Do pickles help pregnancy nausea ? Well, in some women it does work while in some women it doesn’t. Many pregnant women have found that they get relief from pregnancy nausea by serving themselves with cold treats such as water melon, popsicles and pickles. So pickles may or may not help you in nausea.   

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All is said and all is done so all in all this article ends here.

I appreciate that you are still tuning in.

See, pickles are awesome. Even I am also fond of them. So, having some of them is okay.

But if you notice that you are overeating pickles during pregnancy the stop and think about your health.

Moreover, please drop your valuable opinion regarding to this piece of information in the comment section below.

all at the end pregarlybody wishes you a healthy pregnancy ahead.

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