Preventing a misfortune or any disease isn’t a child’s play. Sometimes it can be tough to do that. Yet, not in the case of preventing constipation during pregnancy.

Preventing pregnancy constipation is just piece of cake. It’s as simple as preventing A urinary tract infection during pregnancy though.

Believe it or not, you can really, actually prevent it in your gestational period. There are about 5 simple tricks for that.

All you have to do is give a shot to them to give a boot to constipation in your neonatal period.

So, continue browsing cause this only article has kick itself off to provide you the best.

Okay, enough of the promises. Just throw yourself into this article to collect your answers.

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You’re going to love me for this brilliant piece of information at the end of this post.


Let’s just face the truth, constipation most annoying thing in the world. And I mean it the worst.

Barring on the hard truths, there are plenty of workable methods that you can select or simply do to stay an arm’s away from pregnancy constipation.

Even if there are millions but here are my personal 5 favorite natural ones.

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Eat foods with high fiber content
  • Avoid foods that constipate you
  • Exercise regularly
  • Choose the right posture while pooping

Let’s inquire whether these are the real methods for “how to get rid of constipation during pregnancy naturally” or some kind of nonsense talks.


Drinking water is one of the important things in the world, mostly in pregnancy. It brings you too many benefits and these benefits include a high resistance against pregnancy constipation.

Here is how it does that.

Your digestive system is like a machine. As like other machines, it needs fuel means water for the movement of food waste through your digestive tract.

Adding more it makes your stool smooth and soft which is easier to get extracted.

But when you lack water or get dehydrated, your stool becomes dry and lumpy.

This in further, results in difficulties while passing the waste out of your body, thus causing constipation during pregnancy.

To overcome this issue which is actually a headache during pregnancy, you need to intake the sufficient amount of water in this vital period.

Okay, then, how much water should you intake while pregnant?  

As you’re pregnant, you must ensure that, you’re consuming 8-12 cup or 64-96 ounces of water in a regular basis, to fight off both dehydration and constipation while pregnant.

If you found it boring to drink water again and again and again, then try something different but healthy.

For example you can make an effort towards cranberry juice during pregnancy. Or switch on to  prune juice or anything else you like or may be in love with.

But one thing, you have to set the seal on is, you’re not staying dehydrated in any event, even if you’re  tied of frequent urination during pregnancy.


Though it may seem unlikely to many, hence a pregnant body demands for 25-30 grams of fiber intake per day.  

If and only if you’re consuming less than that, then my dear, you’re in greater risk to experience pregnancy constipation.

As you’re already aware, a bulky stool is easier to eliminate. It surely is. So when it comes to fiber, it increases the size, weight of it. Plus, it softens it as well.

In this corresponding way, the intake of sufficient amount of fiber in a regular basis helps you to have easy and satisfied bowel moments.

But wait what should you exactly eat for increasing the fiber content in your body? Have you any guesses on that?

Well, here are some foods whom you should give bat to achieve a better gut health.

  • Green vegetables such as broccoli, peas etc.
  • Fruits including raspberries, bananas, apples and prunes
  • Whole grains including brown rice, cooked barley etc.
  • Legumes holding black beans, chickpeas, lentils etc.

These are some of the foods highly recommended by many scientific studies for increasing fiber content in your pregnancy.

And you know what, I recommended them as well.

Everything considering, this is how fiber can lend you a helping hand to kiss away constipation during pregnancy.


Now this thing is really important.

You know, no medications can help you to overcome bad habits. As resemble to that, nothing can help you, if you’re gulping down the foods that make you constipated.

As I stated before, some foods are high in fiber content, while as some others hold it in a negligible amount and more to say, some foods don’t bear it at all.

These kinds of foods can do nothing but causing constipation during pregnancy.

Well, here is a list of foods to avoid while constipation. You just have to make sure that you’re steer clear of them in this vital period.

  • Processed grain
  • Milk and other dairy products
  • Too oily foods
  • Fried and junk food
  • Persinmoons
  • Gluten containing foods
  • Alcohol
  • Red meat

These are the foods you have to be aware of while constipated. Forget to touch them even if they are free of cost.

Aah, yes again, avoid iron rich foods in any extent.


An inactive or simply a lazy life isn’t going to do anything but will welcome health issues like constipation during pregnancy.

This is how it does that.

When you choose to be lazy and inactive, your intestinal muscles get weaker. This in further, causes issues like constipation.

Adding more, sitting with a bad posture for a long time makes your abdomen to be compressed. This can result in a moderate digestion.

So, instead of laying hors on your bed, keep moving. Try something new, or try doing some physical activities like practicing exercises.

Or go for a gentle walk and get some fresh air outside. Enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Or just don’t do anything but introducing the cold air outside.

These are good for your pregnancy though.

But just sit-up like a lazy nerd on your comfortable chair watching Netflix.


Yes you read it right. Posture matters in pregnancy but when it comes to pooping it matters the most.

Choosing poor posture with your knees lower than your hips can promote constipation. This type of position is considered to make difficulties for the abdominal muscles to move the stools.

So, instead of this kind of posture, you can switch on to these procedures for better outcomes

  • Sit on the toilet with your knees higher than your hips
  • Use foot stool or anything flat and stable object to maintain this posture
  • Lean forward
  • Put your elbows on your knees
  • Don’t push harder. Just relax and bulge out your stomach
  • And lastly, strengthen your spine

That’s it. Now you’re completely aware of how to sit up while pooping. Maintain this type of posture while pooping can help you to get relief from constipation and will give you the best satisfaction.

Just try them out.

So, these are the green ticked or top 5 preventions for constipation during pregnancy.


Avoid distracting objects like wise cell phone in your toilet. I think pooping is the only time when you get ‘your-only-time’.

It’s the time when you’re all alone. So, why think of social media, negativity or what your friend is doing in her trip and all that stupid stuffs.

Just get rid of that and concentrate. I know it sounds awarded, but believe me or trust me. I guarantee you’ll thank me afterwards.

Don’t wait when you get the urge to go. Well, everybody knows that, you regret only when you wait. So, do not wait at all. Just avoid everything and head over to the toilet.

Chew completely. This is what everybody forgets. According to studies, half of your digestion process should be done in your mouth.  

So, whenever you eat anything, anything, remember to chew that completely.


All is said and all is done so all in all this article ends here. I appreciate that you’re still tunning in. Well,l that’s the only thing matters to me the most.

And again, I hope you came how to prevent constipation during pregnancy naturally.

Did I miss anything that should have discussed? If there is something, then don’t forget to let me in the comment section below.

So, all at the end, pregancyinfo wishes you a constipation free pregnancy ahead.

Patricia Pifer

Patricia Pifer is the main author of pregarlybody.com website. She’s an avid health and fitness enthusiast and loves sharing her passion for juicing with others.