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10 Amazing Benefits of Carrot During Pregnancy

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Carrots are one of the most loved as well as versatile vegetables. Its rich nutritional properties often make it suitable for almost every kind of diet plan. However, will it be okay to conclude carrots in a pregnancy diet plan? Is it safe to eat carrot during pregnancy?

You might be curious to know about the safety of this vegetable for pregnancy.

Concerning that, it’s absolutely safe to have carrot while expecting, but it can also be risky in some certain cases.

For example, eating too much carrot during pregnancy can cause severe headaches and nausea.

And there are other effects that are elaborated further in this article.

Besides that, you should go through this post to understand the benefits as well as risks of eating carrots in pregnancy.

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Carrot, in no question, is safe for pregnant women.

It is packed with helpful elements including iron, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, A and B6, carbohydrates and more that can surely benefit your health.

However, carrots are the animal and synthetic form of vitamin A.

So, overeating can cause adverse health effects on your body.

For instance, excessive eating of carrots in your pregnancy can possibly lead to skin discoloration, headaches and some other issues that you probably hate to stumble upon.


Carrot juice is as safe for pregnancy as carrot itself.

They can provide you numerous benefits at once.

Still and all, juicing carrots can result in the extraction of fiber in them.

And fiber plays the key role in eliminating constipation– one of the most weird early pregnancy symptoms.

So, adding carrots in your diet as a food can make more sense than carrot juice.

However, if you currently are dealing with food aversion to vegetables then having carrot juice during pregnancy will help you get all the valuable properties of carrot except fiber.

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Carrot always gets counted as one of the health enhancing foods.

Eating carrots during pregnancy will keep your health in tune by issuing you these following mentioned benefits.


Carrots are excellent for the immunity that usually degrades in the gestational period.

This vegetable is loaded with vitamin C which is responsible for helping your body to build antibodies.

Antibodies, in more, assist your immune system to be at a steady safer level.

Plus, vitamin C present in carrots also helps your body to take in and use iron that at more distant prevents certain infections.

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Constipation woes are sort of ordinary for a pregnant lady.

It usually occurs for the surge of progesterone hormone and gives rise to bloating, being gassy, stomach aches, farting, frequent burping and more.

However, the adequate amounts of fiber in carrots can keep constipation at bay.

It promotes regular bowel movements and eases constipation related problems.


Muscle cramps and stiffness are quite common in pregnancy.

But adding carrots in your daily eating routine can help.

It does that because phosphorus can aid proper muscle functioning that can manage pregnancy cramps.


A poorly managed high blood pressure can welcome multiple risks.

For example, an unmanaged gestational hypertension can possibly cause preterm labor, placental abruption, miscarriage, LBW baby and more.

But some healthy habits in addition with a high blood pressure friendly pregnancy diet with carrots can work magic.

Since carrots hold higher amounts of fiber and beta carotene it can fend off the chances of facing hypertension during pregnancy.


Managing gestational diabetes wouldn’t have been easier without a diet plan with carrots.

Having carrots in a moderate amount and regular basis can keep your blood sugar levels under control.

By the reason of higher quantity of vitamin A and beta carotene carrots dramatically lower the risk of diabetes during pregnancy.


A healthy weight is however important for pregnancy as because being overweight during pregnancy can lead to various issues including miscarriage, C-section, gestational diabetes, stillbirth and more.

But the healthy nutrients packed in carrots can help you to be in shape during pregnancy.

Higher levels of potassium found in carrots certainly maintain healthy cholesterol in your body and aids water retention.

And both of these things are responsible for being obese.

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It is quite unpredictable to predict what changes you will face during your gestation, especially in the case of your skin.

Many pregnant women often get a youthful glowing skin, while others suffer through the exact opposite.

But carrots are at your rescue.

This root vegetable is high in beta carotene, lutein, lycopene and silicon.

These factors can promote healthy skin and nails.


Carrots in no question are the foods for better eyesight. The good amounts of vitamin A present in carrots can care for your eye health a lot.

But that’s not all!

While taking care of your vision and eyesight in pregnancy, carrots can speed up the eye development of the unborn baby as well.


One of the major issues that pregnant women often face is anemia.

This happens due to the lack of iron and greater need of blood in the pregnancy period.

So, consumption of some iron rich foods like carrots can help.

Carrots are the abundant sources of iron.

Alongside with iron, it also holds vitamins C that help in the absorption of iron in your body.

Both these factors in combination prevent anemia.

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Alongside your health, carrots can be extremely beneficial for your baby.

Due to the good amounts of manganese, carrots can speed up bone and cartilage formation of your unborn baby.

Plus, these root vegetables are the adequate sources of vitamin B and folic acid.

These key factors found in carrots can give a sharp boost to the formation of the brain and nervous system of the baby.

So, these are the benefits of carrot during pregnancy.

If we compress all the above mentioned things into a short simple list then the result will be as follows.

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  • Boosts immunity
  • Eases constipation
  • Treats pregnancy cramps
  • Aids high blood pressure
  • Manages gestational diabetes
  • Promotes a healthy weight
  • Keeps the skin healthy
  • Improve eyesight
  • Prevents anemia
  • Speed up fetal development

So, these are the overall benefits you can stubble upon by adding carrots in your diet.

13 carrots during pregnancy


Everybody knows the essence of carrot but not everybody adds it to their diet.

And in case they do add it, they still end up with trying those boring dishes with carrots.

So, here are some of the tips to consume carrot in pregnancy except doing it forcefully for the health purpose.

  • Carrot is versatile, so you can eat it cooked or raw
  • Slice carrots into sticks and try them out with a yogurt based dip
  • Serve it as a side dish
  • You can have it steamed, boiled or even roasted
  • Consider using it as an ingredient in soups and stews

So, these are the things you should try with carrots.

But remember, the best way to deliver the goodness of carrots is by having it raw or steamed.


Before having carrots consider implementing these following these precautions:

  • Choose smaller carrots rather than the longer ones for sweeter taste
  • Consider having only fresh carrots for crunchier and better texture
  • Wash the carrots properly before consuming, especially when having it raw. It is a root vegetable and holds traces of soil on the surface. So, eating unwashed carrots can possibly lead to listeriosis- a type of food poisoning in pregnancy.
  • Do not scrap the skin of carrots completely as most of its vital nutrients present on its skin

So, these are the things to consider before having carrots, especially when eating raw carrots during pregnancy.


 Here is the step by step guide to prepare carrot juice for pregnant women.

  • First of all, wash carrots, knife and the chop board properly before chopping carrots to reduce the risk of listeriosis
  • Then peel and chop the carrots
  • After chopping put the chopped carrots in the blender and blend it until pureed and juice form
  • Then pass the juice through a nut milk bag to strain out the pulp of carrots
  • Serve and enjoy

So here is how to make carrot juice for pregnant mothers.


Eating carrot during pregnancy is absolutely safe and doesn’t pose any type of harm to the mother or to the unborn baby.

But there are some risks associated with carrots you have to be well conscious of.


Carotenemia is referred to as yellow-orange skin pigmentation because of high levels of carotene in blood.

As carrots are loaded with carotene, eating a maximum amount of this vegetable can lead to carotenemia.


Being hypersensitive to carrots can pose you facing issues including skin rashes, diarrhea, anaphylactic reactions, swelling and hives.


Carrots are loaded with vitamin A.

Having an excessive amount of this vitamin can suppress the baby’s overall development.

There are plentiful reports of malformations in children whose mothers were exposed to too much vitamin A during pregnancy.

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Consumption of too many carrots during pregnancy can cause severe headaches and nausea.

Plus, drinking excessive amounts of carrot juice in pregnancy (more than 4 ounces a day) can cause headaches, lethargy and carotenemia.


Carrots can complicate one’s issues with biliary tract infection.

Thereupon, if you have it then stay away from the excessive consumption of carrots.

So, these are the risks of eating too many carrots in pregnancy.

Besides, apart from only excessive consumption of carrots, pregnant women are often advised to avoid certain complications triggering foods.

These foods are listed below.


Here’s a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy

  • Papaya
  • High mercury fish
  • Caffeine
  • Animal liver
  • Alcohol
  • Undercooked meat and eggs
  • Sprouts
  • Unpasteurized milk and dairy products
  • Processed junk foods
  • Unwashed fruits and veggies
  • homemade mango pickles

Avoid these above listed foods by any means whatsoever.

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Does carrot affect pregnancy?

Carrots are loaded with vitamin A and carotene. And the excess amount of vitamin A can possibly hamper the proper development of the baby.

When to take carrot juice during pregnancy?

There is no particular time to state when to take carrot juice during pregnancy. Carrot juice is safe for pregnancy and you can start having it from your first trimester or start drinking it at any point of pregnancy.

Is carrot and cucumber good for a pregnant woman?

Both Carrot and cucumber are rich in fiber content that reduces the risk of constipation and hemorrhoids in pregnancy. Cucumber holds a great quantity of water that can aid dehydration during pregnancy.

How much carrot during pregnancy?

Moderation is the key. You should avoid eating a load of this root vegetable. Ideally, it’s okay to eat 1 or 2 carrot each day. In addition, one should keep the consumption of carrot juice under 4 ounces a day during pregnancy.


There is no denying that carrots are filled with essential key factors that can ensure your pregnancy is going well.

But, that doesn’t mean to underestimate its risks.

Carrots can cause bad impacts on your health if you consume it in larger quantities or with any certain health issues.

So, you better consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before adding this vegetable in your diet.

Unwashed Carrots, in more, can transfer foodborne illnesses to your body. So, be more hygienic before consuming carrot during pregnancy.

Besides, I am hopeful that you came to know a thing or two about the benefits and risks of carrot while expecting.

You can read my post next, the essence of arbi during pregnancy and its side effects.

All at the end, pregarlybody wishes you a healthy pregnancy ahead.

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