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The Ultimate Essence Of Arbi During Pregnancy

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Who is unconscious about the eminence of taro root? It is recognized for its mild, nutty taste that gives remarkable texture to variety of recipes. However, is arbi safe during pregnancy?

Perfect time to mention here that, arbi or arum is rich in fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins that suits best for any kind of diet.

But will it be a good option for a pregnancy diet as well? or it will be harmful if you do so?

Arbi in table

I mean, who is aware of that until secretes are revealed, right?

Then why not unleash secretes of this subject right away!


Straight to the topic, it is safe additionally healthy to have arbi during pregnancy.

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Taro roots or arbi are packed with key nutrients and beneficial components.

For example, arbi stores carbohydrates, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and copper all at the same time.

Expanding on, it also contains essential minerals likewise calcium and vitamins counting vitamin E, vitamin B6 and Vitamin C that are essential for a mother-to-be.

Anyways, arbi should be consumed under limitations as consuming in a larger amount may cause adverse health issues.

Moreover, as I hinted you earlier, there are lots of benefits of arbi during pregnancy that you can grab on.


Arum also known as colocasia isn’t just a vegetable that tastes good, it is a also a massively rich food that provides numerous benefits.

Mysteries aside, here are the benefits of eating colocasia during pregnancy.

  • Aids constipation
  • Improves your overall health
  • Can Improve your immunity
  • Increases appetite
  • Maintains a healthy body weight
  • Eases high blood pressure
  • Manages the blood sugar levels
  • Upgrades bone health

Okay, it’s time to talk over these benefits of arbi during pregnancy on an individual basis.


Constipation is fairly common in pregnancy and is an early pregnancy symptom.

However, as luck would have it, it can be prevented by consuming some foods holding a good amount of dietary fiber.

Eating foods with high fiber content jointly taro roots can shun out this pregnancy problem.

As about arum, one cup of cooked arbi can provide 6.7 grams of natural fiber to your body.

This delicate feature of arum works as a laxative that in more distant will help you to get rid of constipation 404.


Consuming arbi during pregnancy improves one’s overall health mainly in pregnancy for the rich nutritional factors present in it.

Just jogging your memory, arbi is a massive provider of carbohydrates, protein and of course a tiny amount of fat.

It even contains beneficial elements likewise potassium, carotene and calcium.

It also holds essential vitamins such as vitamin C, B6 and E that keeps your health in check.

So, in this way arbi improves your overall health during pregnancy which is really important I guess.


Keeping a sharp eye on your immune levels becomes vital during pregnancy.

Improving your immunity level helps you fight off diseases, repeals pregnancy infections.

For example, urinary tract infectionyeast infectionbacterial vaginosis 04 and more.

And most importantly it resists free radicals in the body. Moreover Serving arbi/arum in pregnancy can help you with it again.

Needless to say, arbi contains a load of vitamin C, E and B6.

These high amounts of necessary components are vital for immune levels.

Thus arum is one of the foods that improve immunity in pregnancy.


Other than all the other benefits, eating arbi during pregnancy can spike of your appetite as well.

Arbi is found to hold a natural plant polysaccharide colloid.

This element present in this humble vegetable can increase your appetite.

These elements can aid digestion in gestation preventing problems including heartburn, bloating and indigestion..


As you already aware, taro root do carry a sufficient amount of fiber in them.

This fiber intake through the help of arbi may slower your stomach emptying which will keep you full for a long time.

This factor will hamper the calory intake throughout the day via your unwanted pregnancy cravings.

And it is so obvious that reduction of the number of calories you take will certainly lead to lesser toxic weight gain in pregnancy.

Besides, many studies has found that people who take rich amount of fiber in daily basis have lower and healthy weight.

Ergo, this is how having arbi in pregnancy maintains a healthy weight in motherhood.


The towering quantity of potassium present in arum may ease the increased risk of high BP in pregnancy.

What potassium actually does is, it eases tension on your blood vessel that lessen the possibilities of high blood pressure in gestational period.


As arum is a starchy food, you may think it as a harmful food that can shoot up your blood sugar level. But truly it isn’t.

in fact, it’s a good choice to control your blood sugar levels.

Arbi or arum contains 2 types of carbohydrates named as fiber and resistant starch.

On the subject of fiber, it is the carbohydrate that human can’t digest in any extent.

So, since it can’t be digested, it makes no impacts on the blood sugar levels.

Arbi, on the other hand, slower your digestion and absorb other carbs and prevents large blood sugar spikes in your body.


Including bundles of healthy nutritional components, eating arbi while pregnant delivers a good dose of calcium to your body.

This good dose of beneficial nutrients can help you to upgrade your bone health during pregnancy.

On the whole these are the super benefits of arbi for pregnancy.

Arbi is safe to eat in pregnancy still can be fatal if eaten in wrong manner such as under cooked, raw or in a massive amount.

Just to refresh your memory eating arbi during pregnancy can help you to aid constipation, boost immunity, nourish your overall health, increase appetite, maintain a healthy body weight, ease hypertension and lastly maintain blood sugar levels in your prenatal period.

Alright, now that you got aware about the benefits of arbi, you must have geared yourself up to glup it down. But don’t you hurry to do that! Until the post finishes cause there is something important to know about arbi.


Let’s discusses them right away!


Taro root should never be eaten raw as it can be poisonous to the body and may cause food poisoning.

Well as about raw arum, it contains bitter tasting compound named calcium oxalate.

This compound can potentially cause itchy mouth, tongue and throat swelling.


Raw taro root even contains some poisonous chemicals.

These chemicals when eaten may lead to bloody vomiting, diarrhea AND IN MORE dangerous bleeding inside the body.


Pregnant women who are prone to various allergies should console with doctors before eating arbi during pregnancy for the first time.

It may rarely set of allergic reaction in the body.

That’s why seeking your doctor’s advice first, if she/he goes for a green signal then you can have it.

In reference of the above analysis, arbi can be eaten during pregnancy yet in a proper limitations and boundaries.


Colocasia leaves can provide you fiber that can keep constipation at bay.

They are also known to provide iron and folic acid as well that keep help in the development of your baby.

But Some of the taro leaves are toxic in nature. Eating of these deadly leaves will answer with lethal outcomes in pregnancy.

So be mindful, whether you are choosing the right ones to eat or not.

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Buying only worthy product worth your money, your time as well as your effort.

When you are out to purchase arum, remind yourself these following conditions over and over again.

  • Mark their color and choose the ones with tight brown skin
  • Peel a little amount of the skin to know whether it’s fresh or not
  • Press the arum with your finger and examine if it is tight
  • Be selective about the weight and buy the heavy arum
  • Neglect the ones that have dried skin and smells off

If the selected arum passes all these tests then you can buy it.

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All is said and all is done so all in all this article ends here. I genuinely appreciate that you are still tuning in.

I also hope that you came to know all lot about arbi during pregnancy and its corresponding benefits and effects.

Comment your thoughts about this article as I would love to hear from you.

All at the end pregarlybody wishes you a healthy pregnancy ahead.

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