Animal Liver During Pregnancy: How Safe It Is?

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Since you’ve pregnant everything you consume can help or harm the development of the baby within a little period. That’s why you have to be 100% sure that the substances you feed on are helping your baby to grow instead of hampering its growth. For example, the query of eating animal liver during pregnancy.

As you know, most of the studies suggest that it’s better to not have a liver in pregnancy.

But, is it true? Shouldn’t you eat such nutritional food? If anyhow you shouldn’t then what could be the possible reasons for not doing that?

Let’s explore to find out the answers of whys!


Although, liver is the most nutrient dense organ meat to consume, still pregnant women should avoid it. Liver meat isn’t good, moreover risky to have in gestation.

Liver contains high levels of vitamin A that can have toxic effects on the unborn baby as well as on the mother’s liver.

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For example: The excessive intake of animal liver can certainly lead to major birth defects of the baby such as congenital birth abnormalities.

It can even cause miscarriage of the developing baby particularly at the first couple of months of pregnancy.

Besides, you can have a small serving of liver once or twice a month. And in a limited amount too! Later in pregnancy consuming this food isn’t not thought to be harmful while still having it in a limited manner again.

But you must avoid it in the first trimester or if you are trying to get pregnant even if you are craving liver during pregnancy.


Liver is an outstanding source of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. For example: the high levels of folate, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B and copper present in it.

Not only that, it is also lower in calories and fat that suits best for most of the diet plans. That’s why it keeps anybody’s health in check! (Not pregnant women’s though)

It can increase energy levels, creates healthy skin and hair, provides a rocking immune system, aids collagen synthesis and helps the body to create strong bones.

Despite all the benefits, animal liver is toxic for mother-to-be. Because it is the most concentrated source of vitamin A. And dramatically, it belongs to the foods that cause miscarriage as well.

But how?

Well, our own body’s store vitamin A in the liver. Since this vitamin is fat soluble, the body stores it in an excessive amount. That’s why the accumulation of animal liver can certainly cause toxic effects.

But in a worse manner, the consumption of liver during pregnancy increases the risk of fetal abnormalities.


You can eat animal liver in pregnancy but only in moderation. And that counts for once or twice per month after the green signal from your doctor.

Regarding studies, you can enjoy only half a serving or 1.5 ounces of liver once or twice a month.

More importantly, whenever you are enjoying some liver on your plate, make sure that it’s properly cooked.

According to safety measures, preparing liver or any other meats on high temperature kills off salmonella- a bacteria that can possibly cause salmonellosis infection or food poisoning during pregnancy. Thus, avoid undercooked liver.

However, serving yourself vitamin A is also important. You need this vital element in order to support the formation of baby’s eye and bone development.

In addition, this vitamin is also important to maintain your own metabolism in the last trimester.

But eating animal liver to get the proper amount of vitamin A can be damaging. Thus, you better be choosing other substitutes of vitamin A.


Liver is immensely rich in vitamin A-one of the important vitamins to consume in pregnancy. But taking the liver can be vicious.

So, liver for the requirement of vitamin A is an ill option to choose. Instead of liver there are a lot of foods you can intake to maintain the proper balance of vitamin A.

Only what you have to do is to understand the types of vitamin A found in eatables that possibly can not harm the gestation. Read on.


Generally, there are 2 types of vitamin A found in nature. Such as

  • Preformed vitamin A or retinol
  • Provitamin A carotenoids

Retinol is the type of vitamin A found in animal products such as eggs, milk, cheese and liver.

Somehow, having too much retinol in pregnancy can boost the chances of the baby to be ruled out, especially in the case of the liver.

Other than liver only, it is safe And healthful to intake eggs, milk and cheese while expecting.


This type of nutrient is present in fruits and vegetables.

Beta carotene is a plant-based pigment and is a form of vitamin A.

Moreover, it’s absolutely safe to have this type of vitamin A and you can have it as much as you can via fruits and veggies without any worries.

More specifically, you can get these advantages from fruits and veggie having orange or yellow skin.

Instead of eating liver for the proper requirement of vitamin A, you instead add these eats to your pregnancy diet for better, safe results. These foods include

  • Butter
  • Spreads
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Oily fish
  • Dairy products
  • The list also includes some friendly vegetables including
  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Pumpkin
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Beet green
  • Turnip
  • Collard
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli

In closing

All is said and all is done, so all in all this article ends here. I am grateful that you’re still tuning in .

I also hope that you came to know a lot about the eating of animal liver during pregnancy and why you should avoid it.

And vitally, get consoled with your doc or healthcare provider whether to eat animal liver occasionally or not.

All at the end pregarlybody wishes you a healthy pregnancy ahead.

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