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Like everybody, even that creepy stranger you come across on the road would say ‘if you want a healthy life include fruits in your diet’. They aren’t wrong though, but they can be wrong in some special cases like pregnancy.

Eating wrong fruits, that you probably should avoid during pregnancy can bring you complications that are hard to undo.

Yeah, I know it sounds scary but there are some famous fruits/foods you have to avoid during pregnancy and be at bay. Want to know which fruits are they ? I am sure you do.

I actually don’t want to waste your time so let’s get to business. Just dive into this article to know the 7 forbidden fruits or the fruits to avoid during pregnancy (antepartum).


Time has come to start the real topic of this article and most importantly all your waits end here. These are the fruits from which you’ve to be an arm’s away when carrying your baby. The list goes like this.

Fruits to avoid during antepartum..

1. Papaya

2. Pineapple

3. Tamarind

4. Bananas

5. Watermelon

6. dates

7. Frozen berries

The craziest list that i ever seen in my entire life. You must be mumbling like- “how could be bananas and watermelon be dangerous to eat while pregnant. The list is insane”.

But, hey i truly am not bluffing stuffs out here. Seriously, if you want no headaches no complications in your antepartum, then you better be aware of them.

Won’t trust me ? Then permit me to give you evident explanation of each fruit of why you should avoid them while expecting.

Ready to read ? Then lt’s take up without making more delay.


If I say about it’s nutritional values, then believe me, there will be a lot to talk about. It contains lots of vitamins, antioxidants and macronutrients. But, the question is, whether you should eat it or not, especially in your gestation.


Ripe papayas are really safe to intake during pregnancy while unripe ones are completely not and are quite dangerous. You must be wondering- Why ? Why should i avoid it ? Let me answer you then.

If anyhow you do not know, unripe papayas contain both latex and papain in a delicate amount.

As about latex, it can trigger marked uterine contractions and bleeding. This can further lead to early labor  and birth of a premature baby.

On the other hand, papain can induce labor too. It may damage the vital membranes who support the developing baby.

papaya also can shoot up your body’s temperature which is really bad while carrying your baby.

In conclusion, you should better be avoiding unripe papaya during your gestational ages.


you may find it disturbing for including this kind fruit in this list. but I have reasons and I would love to talk about them.


Barring on those old wives tales, pineapples are safe to eat in the neonatal period. serving this food to yourself is not problematic only if you watch out your limits.

Yes, eating lots of pineapple can be harmful and can cause uncomfortable health effects, but how do they do that ?

As you know already, this food is acitic in nature. When it is consumed in larger quantity, This may cause acid reflux and heartburn. This can occasionally lead to diarrhea and pregnancy cramps which are quite normal to the experienced in gestational moms.

But in worse manner, it may lead to sharp guterine contractions when waten in huge quantity especially in the first trimester.

It is also believed that, Pineapple can make the cervix more soft that it should be .This may further lead to early labor.

But for the sake of good, there are no such evidence to prove this. but still, who knows ?

If you lay down on my opinion, then I would like to suggest you that follow the rule of ” Keep it cool and minimum”. You can eat it but don’t give off on your pregnancy crabbing for the sake of both you and your unborn baby’s health.


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3. Tamarind

Although tamarind is excellent in satisfying those tangy pregnancy cravings,  but it can also be dangerous for your growing bay if you consume it with no limitations. I know it sounds terrifying ,  but this is the truth I would like to tell you.

Can tamarind cause miscarriage ?

Needless to say that, tamarind contains vitamin C in a delicate amount and serving this this fruit to yourself is actually beneficial towards the mother and the baby’s health.

But, the consumption of this fruit in an excessive manner will be menacing. As it is an excellent source of vitamin C, consuming too much can suppress the production of progesterone in your body. In further , low production of this pregnancy hormone can lead to miscarriage and preterm labor.

So, always remember that, moderation is healthful but, extremism is always harmful especially in the case of consuming tamarind during pregnancy.

4. Bananas

No body could ever have expected to see this extremely good food in this list “ Foods to avoid” list. But I have reasons to include it and I would love share them with you.

Why to avoid banana during pregnancy?

Before you start thinking it otherwise, I just want to clear out that, bananas are really safe to eat in antepartum. They are even good for the mother and also for the fatal development. But, they are strictly avoided in some special cases such as in gestational diabetes.

Why you shouldn’t eat me during your pregnancy ?

Women who have gestational diabetes have always advised to not to eat it.

They are rich in calories which can spike up the sugar levels in your body. This can eventually lead to uncontrollable diabetes, and it is do obvious that increased sugar levels is nit good for your baby.

 Sad to say, but this may lead to stillbirth and premature birth of the new born.

So, if you are the member of this club, then please minimize eating it for the sake of your pregnancy.

5. Watermelon

Another mystery to be revealed!

Identical to banana, how could be watermelon cause damage to it ?

I am going to say it again, read on to know

Is watermelon bad to eat while pregnant?

Generally, watermelons are safe to be eaten by the expecting mothers. But you have to avoid it if you are diabetic. Eating plenty of it can spike up the sugar level in your body which you know quite problem.

Adding more, melons are excellent in water content. This may help you  to flush out the bad bacteria out of your body and keep you away from bacterial infections for example urinary tract infection. But eating last portions of it      can wash out essential nutrients and minerals too.


Like everybody, even that creppy stranger you come across on the road would say ‘if you want a healthy life inclde fruits in your diet’. They are’nt wrong though, but they can be wrong in some spcial cases like pregnancy.

Eating wrong things, that you probably should avoid during pregnancy can bring you complications that are hard to undo.

Yeah, i know it sounds scary but there are some famous fruits you have to avoid during pregnancy and be at bay. Want to know which fruits are they ? i am sure you do.

I actually don’t want to waste your time so let’s get to business. Just dive into this article to know the 7 forbidden fruits or the fruits to avoid during pregnancy (antepartum).

6. Dates

Dates are generally healthy and provide you natural sugars. They are even suggested to eat in neonatal period but in a limited quantity.

Side Effects of Dates In Pregnancy

As like I said “Natural sugars” just a while ago, they contain lots of calories. And I mean it, lot of calories. Eating too much dated can lead to sugar related problems if you already have them during the age of your gestation.

Besides that, eating too many of them, can make bad impacts on your digestion causing bloating and and upset stomach. This happens because they are high in fiber and take a long a period to digest completely.

Dates are also responsible for increasing the body health in a short period of time. So, when eaten in larger quantity they can shoot up your body’s temperature and many lead to uterine contractions.

So, reduce the amount of dates, if you are consuming too many of them in daily basis. It’s so obvious that it will be knotty.

7. Frozen Berries

A pregnant women is always advised to eat vegetables and fresh fruits rather than those so called canned and frozen items.

As its about berries, consumption of frozen berries can be toxic for both the mother and baby. Frozen berries do not contain their natural flavor and nutrients. At the same time eating them up can bring risk in this crucial period.

So, be aware of frozen berries including other frozen items.                                                                              

8. Grapes

A hot topic is here which “grapes” is. A pregnant woman is never ever suggested to have grapes mostly in the third or final trimester. You must be wondering why?

Why you have to avoid grapes during pregnancy.

Generally speaking, a trust worthy pregnancy diet plan doesn’t say to eat grapes at all. If it does then it deserves one place to live in which is “The Bin”.

Back to the point, grapes helps your body to generate more heat energy. This is very harmful to both mother and child in the final trimester.

Plus+, they contain a lot of resveratrol, which is quite poisonous to expecting women. They are often contaminated by pesticides which remain on their skin and hard to be washed with water. Thus they gain potential in affecting you.

More on that, the skin of the grapes are difficult to digest. In further it will result in constipation. So, you should be avoiding this poising fruit during pregnancy.

In Summery

It hard to say but, this article ends here. I truly appreciate that you are still tuning in. I hope that you came to know which fruits to avoid during pregnancy.

And, yes, don’t forget to ask your health care provider what to eat and what not to eat. No matter if it is about drinks, alcohol, smoothie, beverages, juices, mercury fish, meats, sea foods, tuna, shell fish, sun (here, I’m only being silly).

No matter Whatever it is. The only thing that matters is you and your baby care for yourself. Pregarlybody wishes you a safe pregnancy ahead.

Patricia Pifer

Patricia Pifer is the main author of pregarlybody.com website. She’s an avid health and fitness enthusiast and loves sharing her passion for juicing with others.