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5 Best Exercise Books For Your Pregnancy| 15 Advantages

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5 best exercise books for your pregnancy: I wish someone told me

Pregarlybody, provides you only high quality and trustable information for your pregnancy and specially in your antepartum. In this article pregarlybody provides you the 5 best exercise books for your pregnancy [Antepartum]. But before continuing, let me give you a back ground data in shortly the introduction about this article. So, here you go. 

Fitness is always in demand in every stage of your life. Whether you are young, old, a student or whatever you may be, you need to sweat up a little in order to stay fit and healthy.

But what about pregnancy? Should you exercise while pregnant ?

In case you should, then which exercises you have to practice ? What are the benefits ? What are the cons ? When you should avoid exercising? Lots of questions. Right ?

Well, physical activities such as practicing exercises are  on one the best things to do in your prenatal weeks. But, you need to be double checked and approach a guide such as the best and trust worthy exercise books for your pregnancy [Antepartum] for better result and also to avoid the unwanted risks.

Before you continue to read, I genuinely want to give you the context of this whole article. In this way you will be so, so, clear on what you are reading.

Are you ready to dive in ? Let’s do it then, together..

Okay, enough of the shop talk. Let’s get to the point.

5 best exercise books for your pregnancy [Antepartum] :Starts now

All your waits end here. To make it more simple, I have elaborated  these best books with their 5 best qualities

Plus , as you are important to us, pregarlybody also concludes some bonus points. It’s like a bunch of surprises.

Let’s get to the first product of this list.

Bumps and Burpees : 1st One

While working out in your gestational age, you have to keep two things in your mind. First one is the safety of your developing baby and the other one is great results in your gestational health. Well, this book is really amazing in both of these demands. Let me show you how.

this is a pregnancy book and bumps and burpees is written on it


1. This entire book is based on 36 different and useful workouts for a pregnant woman. Bumps and Burpees introduce the exercises with photographs, which will help you to get a clear view on what you exactly have to do.

But are these exercises really safe to do ?

Ably, about that you do not have to worry. Exercises tricks shown in this book are recommended and approved by prenatal and postnatal medical specialists. 

2. These exercises make no impact on the development of your fetus, will help you to carry your growing child in each trimester and will prepare you for the childbirth.

Adding to that, this book will help you to recover fast after labor and in maintaining a perfect postpartum health.

3. You know the best thing about this exercise book ! All the the exercising methods shown here are to be performed at home. And also guess what again, with any equipment. You just have wear exercise cloths and walah, you are ready to rock the world.

4. This book also includes real life stories of moms like you are their experiences about pregnant. For this reason you are going to find a different kind of bond while keeping on with it.

This book also concludes lots of Q & A, which will give you latest facts and bust outdate myths. This is the reason that you are going to discover this book interesting rather than boaring like other exercise books.

5. Anyways, What’s it’s price though ? I mean it’s really important to know. Don’t you think so ?         

Well, this extraordinary exercise book for pregnancy [Antepartum] will cost you around 15 dollars. A great news is also to be reveled that 95% of the costumers have reviewed this book with 5 stars.

So, do not make delay. It’s a great book for your pregnancy. Buy Now.

My personal review about this book :

I had gifted this exercise book to my fried as she was pregnant last year. You know, she found it really helpful and interesting. To give you honest opinion, I borrowed this book from her and read it completely.

What I discovered about this book is, it is a thing to read though. I am not pregnant, but of course, I found it interesting. So, in my personal opinion, I highly recommend this book for your antepartum.

Grab Its Kindle edition now.

Okay let’s move on to the next book.

Pilates for pregnancy : #2 Place

Are you looking for a woman-to-woman pregnancy fitness guide which actually works and also low in price ? If yes, then your findings end here. This exercise book for your pregnancy is really a gem.

Let me put light on it’s outstanding features.

1. Pilates of pregnancy is the pregnancy guide, which covers almost all the fundamentals of Pilates. This book also discusses a progressive Pilates program tailored for each trimester. 

2. this particular exercise book focuses on the improvement on pelvic floor muscles, abdominal strength, posture health and fitness of your pregnant body.

3. Apart from physical fitness, it also talks about how to conquer mental stress of pregnancy. It puts light on the common and minor pregnancy issues such as mood swings to how to boost your energy.

4. The helps of this book do not exceed only with these few points though. You will find many other womanly things while reading this book.

It’s not possible for me to gather all the information of this book with few words, cause there are so many benefits of this book. 

This is why, I suggest you to check them out at least once. I am confident that yo will be fascinated.

5. In adding to that this book is trust worthy and low in price. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on amazon.

Then what are you waiting for? Check this one out right now! Or listen in amazon audible

3. Pregnancy fitness : 3rd Book For Antepartum Exercise 

Pregnancy fitness is a practical guide to provide you a comfortable, safe and confident feeling on your antepartum by providing you the right information about exercising while pregnant. 

1. Here is a doubt. Is there any certification about the safety of this exercising methods detailed in this book ? As you are about it, I must say that, this exercise book is written by 3 experts in prenatal and post natal fitness. 

This is the reason why you can trust in this book!

2. You will gain many of the pregnancy related information such as, pelvic floor exercise, core restoration, both physical and physiological aspects of pregnancy, birth of child and essential antepartum care. 

3. Pregnancy fitness keeps the value of your money as you are not going to throw it away in post birth months. Yes, this book provides you some extra knowledge long after delivery. 

4. This book is so beneficial as it makes you learn every tiny data about pregnancy, such as about the hormones, body and posture changes, aches and pain with very simple meaning. 

5. This exercise book for antepartum has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 which is excellent and is very cheap in price. 

Can’t just control yourself to know more about this exercise book, no ? Then, explore more about this product in amazon right now.

#4. Prepare to push :

Yes, you got prepare yourself for that push. As you know, it’s gonna painful. There doubt with it. But, why not make it less painful with the help of this book. 

Yes, there are a number of factors and exercises which you can implement week-by-week in your antepartum to make a shorten and easy labor. 

Can you believe it ? Some tiny steps toward fitness in your antepartum care in a daily basis is gonna worth you that much. Let’s study the features of this book more deeply. 

1. The best part about this exercise book is, it is really honest with each word, each sentences discussed in this book. Prepare to push will let you know about every body changes through out your motherhood and how to overcome each changes by practicing the exercises. 

2. This book is written by Kim Vopni. She is a a vagina coach and also mother of two beautiful and healthy kids. This is why she did not put any type of information that will mislead you in your antepartum like the other books described in this list.

3.This is a complete guide, which highlights the need to prepare your body for the birth and postnatal recovery. Kim discussed the exercises and techniques that she she implemented in her own pregnancies to recover fast with best outcomes. 

4. In adding to that, she discussed some extra information. According to her, while becoming a mother you have to experience a lot of body changes and it’s completely normal. 

She will make you to become comfortable in your antepartum by an woman-to-woman talk. This is one of the books which share information about body awareness while pregnant.

5. In overall description this book is essential for your antepartum, childbirth and post partum health. 

What’s the price of this brilliant book then ? You might think like that. Well, this outstanding and extremely helpful book comes with the exchange of less than 15 dollars.

Isn’t it really an amazing price! Check out this essential guide right now in amazon. And again, how could I even forget that, This exercise book has a rating of 5 out of5 inhere.

Let’s move to the last exercise book in this list which is yeah baby.

5. Yeah Baby : You need This

yeah Baby is an another pregnancy fitness guide that you may gonna need later in later pregnancy. let’s go through it’s characters right away.

1. Yeah Baby is written by jillian Michaels who is one of the world’s leading fitness expert, renowned neutralist and also a proud mother. Along with Jillian, other antepartum experts have put their honest views to include each health fitness habits for mothers.

So, you can blindly trust in this book.👀

2. This is a top notch who inform you many of the hidden secrets about pregnancy which have the ability to change everything. It is a good women’s choice to build up strength, get best health outcomes and to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles during the pregnancy.

3. Secondly, yeah baby informs you about the hidden dangers that may happen while exercising. This how yeah baby navigate the dangers towards your health and your baby’s growth rate. 

This is the best part of that book, which pregarlybody found.

4. There are a lot more benefits of this exercise book still not reveled yet. Just hold on to find out.

Yeah baby makes you to understand the wired check ups, treatments of uneasy disease and your doctor’s recommendations taken in your parental visits.

5. It’s increased features also tries it’s best to learn the difficult things about antepartum and childbirth in very simple words. Yeah baby influence you to optimize every facet of your child’s development. This includes from IQ to long term learning potential.

You can check out it’s affordable price and brilliant customer reviews on Amazon.

Also, get it free as audible on your first sign up.

Come on. Hurry up!!!

It’s time for some bonus. As you have read so far and still reading, you definitely deserver some bonus or what do you say products.   Before that let me clear one tiny doubt, these are not exercise books for antepartum. 

But, you are going to search these books out in later in your pregnancy. Then why not now? The 3 books, pregarlybody has set down here have their certifications, brilliant costumers reviews and guess what cheap in price.

Check them out, they are gonna worth your precious time.

6. What to expect :

Typically, pregnancy means a bunch of weird thoughts. During pregnancy, you start to think many of the weird questions which is hard to express to someone and difficult to answer the questions to a non pregnant person.

These questions can be so embarrassing that you may heisted to your health care provider in your parental visits. It’s even hard to compress those thoughts in your brain.

This is why I have brought yo this book which will help you throughout your pregnancy, especially in your antepartum.

1. This book will help you to know more about those unspeakable thoughts.

2. This entire book is filled with must-know information, easy-to-use tips and lots of reassurance. 

3. You will also get latest on parental-screening with safe medications.

4. You will also know the best birthing options which will be suitable for you. 

So, in my opinion, this book is a combination of both knowledge and fun. 4.8 out of 5 rating on this book makes it cherry on top of the cake. Do not forget to check of the other details and it’s affordable price.

Get this free on your first amazon audible sign up.

Let’s move on to the next bonus point on this list.

2. Pregnancy day by day !

If I had only one word to describe this book then it would be “spectacular”. This features of this book deserve this word. Let me inform you why!


1. Every single day during pregnancy is worth to be remembered. But, it is not possible to remember everything. Well, not anymore, cause you are gonna remember everything, everyday of your pregnancy by the help of this book.

2. Pregnancy day-by-day book helps you to count down everyday in your antepartum till the birth of your baby. This pregnancy fun guide is also advised by medical experts to make you feel supported throughout your antepartum.

3. This pregnancy book is like that kind granny who wants you to have a healthy pregnancy, who wants to shares a lot of knowledge and care.

This book describes every tiny data such as which foods to intake, what to avoid, how to exercise safely, how to  prevent major health conditions and a lot more.

4. Apart from that, it is one of the best sources of a trustable guide. This guide involves updated medical advises of experts and Q&A with moms. 

5. This day by day guide will provide you detailed art works to clarify fetal movements in your antepartum with remarkable clarity, which is super cool.

Get free audible trial..

An extra point..

6. This regular guide will also help you to choose the right option for labor with high confidence and positive vibes. It will be better to inform you that, it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 in amazon.

What are you waiting for check out it’s price in amazon right now.

3. Asking for a pregnant friend :

Weird questions are always a huddle for pregnancy. How can you ask someone the questions that sound weird to yourself. It’s no doubt that the person in front of you gonna think otherwise.

But, hey, don’t worry about that. I have brought you a book which is gonna answer all those weird questions about antepartum, childbirth and motherhood.

1. I am going to be real with you, I am a broad minded person, but still google some stuffs out which I am too embarrassed to ask.


When it comes to pregnancy, most of the times you may feel that, the questions are to taboo and embarrassing to ask. Especially the question related to pregnancy sexbreast feeding and other critical ones.

2. Baily gaddis, the author of this book and also a mother, doffers you a girlfriend talk to calm you down. You will find the answers delivered in this book shockingly relatable. 

3. Also with that, this book includes the expert’s advice about early pregnancy, labor, antepartum and a lot more.

4. This book is delivered in such a delicate way, that you will feel free and less cringe while expecting.

If you are in a condition, where you find, no one to share these stuffs with, then this is the book you should purchase. And yes, it’s super cheap too.

Check it out right now on amazon.

15 Advantages of exercising in your antepartum :

I shall not stretch anything too long or will keep it boring to read. So, let’s get to the point. Here are the benefits of exercising during your pregnancy mostly in antepartum.

Photo: Pixabay, Pregarlybody
  1. Decrease the risk of cesarean section or C-section delivery.
  2. Helps you to get out of stress and boredom.
  3. Makes you to increase your energy levels up all the day.
  4. You achieve a relief from back and pelvic pain.
  5. Decreased chances of complicated delivery.
  6. Reduce the fat and obesity related problems by burning unwanted calories.
  7. Lesser defects and complications in pregnancy.
  8. Let you to be physically prepared for labor.
  9. Shorten labor.
  10. Helps to to avoid unwanted urinary leakage.
  11. Rapid recovery after infant delivery.
  12. Improved body posture even having that big baby bump.
  13. Improved blood circulation throughout your pregnant body.
  14. Reduced anxiety, stress and antepartum depression.
  15. Plus, helps yo to improve the sleep quality and to cope with the physical demands of motherhood.

Too many advantages, no!! 

That’s why, doctors and healthcare providers repeatedly suggest you to maintain a good health quality during your pregnancy or while antepartum.

[If you dare suffering through urinary incontinence, then you should try doing kegels after your doctor’s recommendation. Kegel exercises are so much beneficial to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.]

To get more health benefits, you should adopt a healthy diet plan in your antepartum. Foods that are filled with essential nutrients, vitamins, protein, calcium and iron play a major character on your and your baby’s health.

You should consume fish, leafy vegetable, foods with low fat and sugar. Also eat dairy products, milk, unsweetened fruit juice, whole grains, beans in your antepartum. 

So, eat well, exercise and maintain healthy life to get more profits during pregnancy.

Wait!! Before you sweat up, pregtarlybody wants you to learn the whole thing about exercising during pregnancy. Even though exercising is essential for antepartum care but, it can be problematic if done in wrong way. [This is the reason of why you need a exercise book for pregnancy].

Yes, there are some guidelines and precautions that you have to follow to avoid any type of complication. Let’s have a clear view on that.

Precautions ! : That you have to follow

Before the precautions, I want to showcase pregarlybody’s other article which are helpful to a pregnant women. So, Please let me..




These are the 4 Basic rules that you have to follow while practicing exercises in your antepartum.

  1. Avoid exercising to the point of exhaustion.
  2. Do not raise your body temperature too high by exercising too much.
  3. If you are performing stretching then avoid over doing it.
  4. Always wear a digital watch to know your heart rate, and follow your doctors recommendation about it. 
  5. Also avoid sports including weight lifting, martial arts, soccer, basket ball and other competitions.
  6. You should also avoid skiing, horse riding, skating, scuba diving as there is always a chance that you can fall from heights while these sports. 
  7. You also have to forget about gymnastics, heavy mass and weight lifting, wide squats, as these sports may increase the pressure on your stomach. 

You also have to forget the sports which make you to lay down on your back for a long period of time.

Many of the medical studies highly recommend to neglect these sports in antepartum, as they can welcome pregnancy complications such as pre- term labour and short time gestational age. 

So, remind yourself these majors and keep yourself away from these exercises and sports.

Yes, follow your doctors words. Before doing anything, never forget to have a conversation with your doctor or with your health care provider.

Although Pregarlybody, provides you only certified information, but, it doesn’t mean to do things arbitrarily. Purchase a exercise book for your pregnancy [antepartum] by discussing with your doctor. 

And of course investigate deeply about the product that you are going purchase.[money matters]

So, this is it ! This article of pregarlybody wind-up here. But this kind of ending is not acceptable, so let’s get an official ending which is named as the conclusion.

The End [Conclusion]

So, here we are at the end of this informative article. This whole article brings you the best exercise books that you may be looking for. Let, remind you again these are the best on the internet.

Which book did you like the most ? 

Is this article helpful ?

Don’t forget to comment the answers below. It’s completely free and I’m literally waiting for your answers !

Hey, if you are not pregnant then share this article to someone who need it badly. So this is the end of the article named 5 Best Exercise Books For Your Pregnancy [Antepartum] | 15 Advantages.

Thank you for reading. Pregarlybody will always remind that, your need is our Work..

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