10 Most Common Pregnancy food cravings in antepartum

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Have you ever tested pizza with ketchup or fruits with hot sauce ?I mean no body except than aliens would do that though. 

As  to my guesses, you’re not a part of these aliens, and never have done that in your entire life.

But hey, Don’t you worry, cause pregnancy food cravings in antepartum, is the thing which may make you to taste these horrifying food combinations, which you cant even imagine when not pregnant.

We all know, that pregnant women get increased but weird food cravings in antepartum. 

Different women get variety of food cravings in their pregnancies. But, there are some common desired foods items.

10 most common food cravings

Be that as it may, What are these common pregnancy foods?  Are there are any special reasons that you are getting attracted to a certain kind of food in your antepartum ? 

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But, What are these 10 super common pregnancy food cravings in antepartum that I set down here, in this article ? 

You must be fascinated to discover the answers. Right ?

Well, the most common food cravings in antepartum are-

  1. Ice-Cream
  2. Pickles
  3. Chocolate and Candy
  4. Dairy Products
  5. Vegetables and fruits
  6. Spicy foods
  7. Non healthy food
  8. Eggs
  9. Lemons
  10. Red-meat

These are the 10 most common pregnancy food cravings that pregnant women experience in their antepartum stage.

But hey, why are you getting attracted to a specific type of food then ? Is it because you’re lacking out nutrition or vitamins in your pregnancy diet ? Or is it something else that you do not know ? Or it’s nothing but your mind who is commanding you to do so ?

Got puzzled in these questions. Didn’t you ? Well, this is the reason why pregarlybody is here. All you answers are here, in this article. All you have to do is to scroll down.

But before that, do you have any idea what pregnancy craving actually means ? Pregarlybody believes in the strategy of “Teach you as you are 5”. This is why we’ll start our discussion from the very first which is-

What do pregnancy cravings mean ?

Basically, pregnancy cravings mean, an instant and uncontrollable urge to eat a particular type of food in the maternal period. Many of the times, a pregnant woman craves for common foods including chocolate, fruit, green veggies etc. 

But sometimes it may include weird and strange combinations of food which normally they dislike to eat when not pregnant.

Pregnancy food craving is so normal while expecting, but you should not avoid them cause it’s nobody else but your own body which is commanding you to eat the food as because those are necessary for your health.

are pregnancy cravings what the baby wants

This happens because you go through hormonal, physiological and psychological changes in just few months. More factors such as emotional stress, to fill-up the demands of your current health condition, preparation of birth and others can make you to crave for foods which may fulfil them.

So yeah, these are the major things which trigger the pregnancy food cravings.

Let’s get to the point now, which is the 10 most common food cravings in antepartum. By the way, it’s the only reason of why you are here, right? let me remind you the 9 most food cravings in antepartum. They are-

  • Ice-Cream
  • Pickles
  • Chocolate and Candy
  • Dairy Products
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Spicy foods
  • Non healthy food
  • Eggs
  • Lemons
  • Red-meat

pregarlybody is going to discus each point thoroughly with you. Are you ready to dive in ?


Only a tongue less creature wouldn’t like ice creams. I mean who does not not like ice creams. We all like them whether pregnant or not.

But when it comes to pregnancy, things are quite different. A pregnant woman craves ice cream in her antepartum for these following reasons.

1. ice creams have a brilliant creamy texture which tastes too good, thus prevent boredom in gestational months.

2. They contain added minerals which specially includes calcium, magnesium and zinc. Having ice creams while craving for it may fill these nutrients need.

3. They are low in fat. This provides minimum calories to your body, and prevents unwanted weight gain problems.

4. They are rich in protein, glycine(a type of amino acid) including probiotic fiber. These qualities in ice cream support you to maintain a better gut health by triggering the digestion process. 

5. On top of that, they do not contain additional sweeteners and erythritol in them. 

6. Plus, ice creams are specially formulates to promote you a finer quality of sleep in your antepartum.

In overall description, ice creams are worth of pregnancy craving. So, if you’re seeking some ice creams in your refrigerator at the mid night, then do not hesitate and have some.

Okay, it’s time to move on to some tangy sour flavored pickles.


That crunchy pickles with that sour and salty flavor is commendable. You must have seen someone getting mad over them or it can be you. But, why do they do so ? What quality does those pickles have that your body is looking for them ?

crave for pickles during pregnancy

Well, you won’t believe me but, there are about 9 benefits that you can get by eating pickles while craving for it. They are as follows.

1. Pickles are huge sources of vitamins like vitamin A,C and K. These vitamins are really important for the growth of the baby and to give better support to your health.

2. They reduce murderous muscle cramps in your antepartum.

3. Usually, pickles contain low fats and cholesterol levels. This can be beneficial in preventing unwanted weight gain problems while enjoying your antenatal pickles by eating them up. 

4. Eating pickles while craving for it can also prevent morning sickness, vomiting and nausea during pregnancy.

5. Pickles also trigger the digestion process and prevent low digestion, heartburn and acidity during pregnancy.

6. On top of that, they taste too good and have a high texture and smell which may reduce emotional stress in pregnancy.

But, do not intake pickles with no limitations. Eating a whole jar of pickles while pregnant is problematic. Seek your health care provider’s recommendations before eating pickles in your antepartum.


pregnancy crave

Just bite it gently, and let it melt on it’s own on your tender tongue. This is the best way to taste chocolates by the way. According to Baby Center survey, about 40% of pregnant women crave chocolates and candies in their pregnancies.

Let it be as it is, why pregnant women crave for chocolates, candy or sweets in antepartum ? Many women think that, it is only linked with loss of energy during pregnancy. 

But, let pregarlybody inform you that, there are plenty important things still not reveled yet about craving chocolates in pregnancy. 

Let’s talk about them then.

  • 1. chocolates and sweet contain lots of calories which gives you an instant energy boost when exhausted. 
  • 2. Many people provide themselves chocolates to feel fresh again (I am one of them). Various studies show that chocolate reduce emotional stress and deal with emotional ups and downs in antepartum.
  • If you’re seeking some emotional comfort then you may crave for chocolates in pregnancy.
  • 3. Craving chocolates can also arises for the deficiency of vitamin B in pregnancy. Yes, you may crave it so badly, maybe because you are lacking out this important vitamin in your antepartum. 
  • 4. Guess more, chocolates are full of essential antioxidants. A study shows that, a lack of antioxidant in your body may make you to crave for chocolates and candies in pregnancy. 

While investigating these stuffs out in internet, I came across a really interesting question. I think it will be the appropriate place to answer that.

Is Craving sweets early pregnancy sign ?

The answer is yes. According to several research, craving sweets is a early pregnancy sign. 

A tiny disclaimer :

Before we jump to the next  point of pregnancy craving in antepartum, pregarlybody has something important to share with you. Even though chocolates have so many health benefits in pregnancy, you are advised to consume it occasionally as it does include some aversions.

Most common health effect of consuming too much chocolates is over weight problems. So, check out that, you’re satisfying your urge with a limited manner.


Dairy products come in 4th position in this list of pregnancy cravings in antepartum. Usually dairy products take an essential part in our daily lives. 

But, when it comes to pregnancy, there are some important factors which are making you to crave for them.

Just check these factors out here.

1. Milk and dairy products are the huge sources of calcium which is necessary for both the mother and the growing fetus. Milk should definitely be a part of pregnancy diet if you are following any.

pregnancy crave

Anyways, calcium present in milk, helps in building stronger bones of your child. So, if anyhow you are lacking out calcium and protein in your antepartum diet, then eventually you’ll crave for dairy product during pregnancy. 

2. Another factor which is making you to crave for dairy products is folic acid. Folic acid is found in dairy products. Such products mostly include milk and cottage cheese. 

Folic acid is so crucial for pregnancy as it defects many of the pregnancy related complications.

3. Yogurt, a loved dairy product, is very rich in probiotic qualities. This helps you prevent many of the infections in antepartum along with a balanced gut health.

4. In adding to that, dairy products are rich in nutritional qualities. They contain protein, calcium, vitamin A and b12, Potassium etc. which are way more important than you might think. 

5. Along with that, dairy products are really beneficial in reduction of blood pressure, development of baby, minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease and gestational diabetes. 

So, these are the reasons which may make you to crave for dairy products in antepartum .


Most of the pregnant women crave for different things in their pregnancies, but, only 10% of them crave for veggies and fruits in their antepartum. 

So, is there any sense that you’re craving for them ? Is craving vegetables during pregnancy Normal or not ?

I am afraid to say, but, craving for vegetables and fruits is not that much normal as you are thinking right now. This indicates the deficiency of vitamin and minerals in your antepartum. 

1. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamin and minerals which are good for your health, especially when you are carrying your baby. They provide you vitamin A, C and E, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorous, Folic acid in a great amount. 

if you are missing out these nutrias factors in your pregnancy diet, then you may crave for fruits and vegetables in your antepartum. 

Vegetables including broccoli, beans, peas, green leafy veggies are craved and should be eaten while pregnant. Adding to that, fruits like oranges, mangoes, lemons, berries, apples and avocados are craved and should be eaten in prenatal periods.

6. Spicy foods :

Spicy food are also in this list taking the position no. 6. You may also notice a non ending urge to eat spicy things like green chilies, hot curry and spices during  while carrying your baby. If I come to the accurate number, about 3.3% of pregnant women crave for spicy food in their pregnancy. 

But the question is, why are you craving spicy food ? Are there any special reason or not ? 

Well, not too much but, it does have some benefits.

1. Craving spicy food in your gestational trimester can boost your over all health, by boosting your immune system in your antepartum. Peppers have a spicy chemical known as capsaicin, has inflammatory qualities. 

So, can you have spicy food in your pregnancy ? Well, yo can have them but in a limited amount, as they can cause heartburn and abdominal pain.

There are some myths about taking spicy food in pregnancy like ‘Does spicy food cause miscarriage ?’ and ‘can spicy food cause bleeding during pregnancy’ in the internet.

But you do not have to worry, cause spicy food do not do so. Having spicy food is completely safe during pregnancy. Moral of the story, you can have spicy food in your antepartum, if you are craving for them(also With limitations).

7. Unhealthy food :

Looking for unhealthy or junk food in gestational period, is one of the common pregnancy cravings that you may also come across while pregnant. Food items like potato chips, chocolate and food with high cholesterol levels are included in this list of unhealthy food cravings in antepartum. 

But wait, pregarlybody indicated you earlier that, there must be a reason that you are craving for a certain kind of food. But, as long as you and I know, junk food have almost no benefits on your health. Do they ?

Then what’s the reason that you may crave for unhealthy food in you pregnancy ? Are not you curious to know the answer ?

1. you can lay all the blame on your changing hormonal activities. Yes, they vast hormonal changes can alter your smell and taste bud. For this reason food that you normally have in your daily life, may taste totally different.

As long as you know, those mouth watering junk food have got a heightened taste and smell. This quality of junk food may make you to crave for them, to get relieve from boredom in your pregnancy.

So, there is nothing but your changed hormonal imbalance is to be blamed for the craving of junk food in your pregnancy. If you have got this food craving, them always remember control in yourself and to keep it minimum as much as you can.

Having unhealthy food in your pregnancy can have many side effects on your health and also on your growing fetus.

8. Eggs :

Eggs and pregnancy cravings are highly connected with each other. You may get an increased urge to intake eggs in your pregnancy for it’s extended nutritious values. 

Recipes including omelet, egg curry, stuffed egg or just boiled eggs can make you dribble. But why it happens though ?

1. eggs are so beneficial towards pregnancy as they are the source of many of the nutrition. Eggs can provide you iron, selenium, vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, choline, lutein and more in a same time.

2. they are also a huge source of protein and full of healthy fats which are important for your gestational period. Including eggs in your pregnancy diet ensures a healthy fetal development of your baby.

3. Along with that, eggs taste too good while having those hard times because, of their different taste and heightened flavor. 

The factors of eggs may make you to crave for them in the antepartum stage of pregnancy. if you’ve got the craving of eggs then, consume 1-2 properly boiled or cooked eggs per day along with your pregnancy diet. 

If you consume eggs with no limitations then you may face complications and stomach aches while pregnant.

9. Lemons :

As you know already, craving tangy food items is always associated with pregnancy. When it’s about lemon, it’s super tangy flavor with nutritional values can make you crave for it while pregnant.

But, is it the only reason which making you to crave for it ? or are there more ?

  • According to the study of hunnes, craving of is caused by the deficiency of vitamin C and iron. Along with that, lemons are the storehouse of many essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients which support your maternal health and in the development of your growing fetus.
  • Plus, having lemons boost hydration, especially when you are in the risk of getting dehydrated for frequent urination and other related causes.
  • Is lemon good for early pregnancy ? Is lemon good for pregnancy nausea which happens in the early pregnancy ?Well, the answers are yes. lemons are effective in reducing the risks of pregnancy nausea. 

So, can pregnant women take lime ? Well, that depends on how much you want to consume. Consuming lemon juice in a excessive manner can adversely affect your health. Have a deep conversation with your OB-GYN or midwife before having lemons during pregnancy or antepartum.

10. Red meat :

Craving red meat during pregnancy is weigh more normal than you might think. A lot of women crave for red meats including beef, pork and lamb in the gestational age. it’s even possible that women who do not consume meat (Simply vegetarians) can crave for red meats while exception.

But the question is, why you’re craving red meat ? 

1. The first reason which may make you to brave for red meets is, the need of protein in your body. Red meats are the huge sources of protein which is highly needed in your antepartum stage for the development of your baby.

2. The other reason for craving red meat is the deficiency of iron in your antenatal stage. During pregnancy, your body’s blood volume increases for about 50 percent. At this time you may crave for red meat. 

But do you know why ?

As because red meats are also rich in iron. Iron is crucial for your pregnancy because it helps in the formation red blood cells. So, iron deficiency could be the reason, which is making you to crave for red meats while pregnant.

If you’re seeing red meat while pregnant, make sure to have a conversation with your health care provider or doctor. And also, only intake well cooked meat as it can cause adverse health effects if not cooks properly.

10 common pregnancy food craving in antepartum :

végezetül : [To put it bluntly]

this is it. All our discussion end here. I genuinely hope that yo came to know about the unrevele4d truths being these 10 pregnancy food cravings. 

And yes, do give upon your craving in your antepartum. this may lead to to unwanted health complications including overweight problem. Do remember to exercise in a daily basis and adapt a trust worthy pregnancy diet plan for more knowledge on pregnancy food craving.

What are you craving in your pregnancy ? Is this article that much helpful as you expected. Comment the answers(It’s free).

So, that the end of this informative and delicious article named !0 common pregnancy food craving in antepartum. Have a nice day.

Patricia Pifer

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