Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Complete List Of Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy [10 FOOD]

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The day to day unhealthy food habits could gain you a urinary tract infection during pregnancy. Your search for foods to avoid to not caught a UTI made me to write the content ‘Complete List Of Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy ‘

UTI is not a thing to bear for a long time and obviously you’re aware of that. They’re so irritating. Just imagine, how it’d feel like to urinate again and again with that burning vagina even if you don’t want to. 

Well, emotions aside. Let’s talk about the real thing which is the foods to avoid on UTI during pregnancy.

You know, the UTIs are really popular in pregnant women as like as batman among youth (Bad comparison but let it be). This is the reason why,  tons of preventions and treatments are out there for UTI during pregnancy in google

But, almost none of them works as they should be! Do you know why ?

Because while treating UTIs, you should be aware of some factors to avoid. Such as ‘FOODS’. Most of the pregnant women miss out that there are also some foods to avoid on UTI during pregnancy or in this antepartum stage. 

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

all foods to avoid during pregnancy

This is why even after taking preventions, they rush in and furtherly rely on those so called antibiotics. But, you know what, not anymore. You’re going to kick that UTI out of your pregnancy by avoiding these 10 foods.  

If you’re interested to know more about those 10 luscious foods to avoid on UTI during pregnancy, read on. You’ll be fascinated.


Generally, most of the pregnant women are personally advised about these things from their loved ones. But, some women who don’t get this facility. 

May be because they are independent women who run their own business in city, have a nuclear family or whatever the reason may be. 

If you’re one of them, then cheers, this article is specially published only for you. ENJOY!


If you’re going through a urinary tract infection or just want to prevent it anyways, then you should get control over some luscious foods. You The foods and drinks (Forgot to mention it before) to avoid on UTI are,

  •  Alcohol
  •  Spicy foods
  •  Chocolate
  •  Carbonated drinks
  •  Tomato based products
  •  Coffee and caffeinated drinks
  •  Tea
  •  Acidic fruits
  •  Contaminated foods
  •  Sugar

Not all of them, but you may be a mad over some of the luscious food short listed out here. You Know, I, who is advising you right now are crazy about coffee. I really don’t start my day without holding a cup of coffee though.

But, I also had to give up having coffee (for a short period) when I had caught it. 

But why did I do that though ? What can be your reason to avoid your favorite food or drink ? let’s start with alcohol to discover the answer.


Consuming alcohol can be one of the worst thing to do while pregnant. Don’t think it’s me, but most of the health care professionals say so. It can bring pregnancy complications and infections including urinary tract infection.

You must be wondering, about, how can alcohol and bladder problems be related with each other ?

Alcohol increases the risk of UTI, as because it encourages the acidity of urine. Acidic urine is responsible for irritating the lining of the bladder tissues. 

This unbalanced urinary condition may worsen the complication while on UTI.

Expanding on, alcohol can make you dehydrated more often. So, if you are lacking out of water, then there is a possibility that you may catch UTI. 

So, it would be better to avoid alcohol while on UTIs.

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Identical to alcohol, serving yourself spicy foods can also irritate the lining of the bladder and can worsen UTI symptoms.

If the foods that you are eating are too hot and spicy then your bowel and bladder may not find it that much easy to deal with. Thus causing bladder irritations. 

As it was not enough, consumption of too much spicy food in regular basis can even cause chronic bladder pain. This is how spicy food have the potential to make the UTIs more painful to experience. 

So, avoid foods that you find too spicy to handle. It could be chili, curry, hot sauce ETC. They can’t help you with UTIs but can increase the amount of discomfort, that’s all.


It is going break many people’s heart but,  researches have proved that chocolate can worsen an active UTI. Why ? (You must be questioning anxiously while lifting your eyebrows)

Chocolate is great source of both caffeine and sugar, but, unfortunately both of them are to be avoided while going through a UTI. 

As in the case of caffeine , It is Diuretic. It causes frequent urination which furtherly cause dehydration or lack of water in your body. And you know what, lesser amounts of water means greater risk for catching UTIs during pregnancy

lately, lack of water is highly blamed for boosting the quantity of bacteria in urinary tract.

Plus, Bacterium relay upon sugar to grow instantly. They feed on it, multiply faster and cause infections.

So, by taking the sweet break from your healthy life you’re actually welcoming this bacterial infection. 

Eating chocolates in greater amount means, you are both inviting E. Coli (The bacteria who cause UTI) into your body and feeding them with lots of love.

So, it would be better to stay healthy by taking a short break form chocolate during pregnancy.


Carbonate drinks such as citrus flavored sodas and caffeinated soda are also to be avoided during a UTI. No, they do not cause UTI like chocolate and others but, they can worsen the complication of UTI symptoms.

Evident study shows, drinking carbonated substances can irritate the urinary tract mostly the bladder.

Further more, the bubbles in the sodas, the once you like in the fizzy drinks can also do the same as they actually are carbon dioxide. 

This is how consuming carbonated drinks can affect your current condition with UTI. So, skip it or approach the technique of reduction, while in the case of carbonated drinks and UTI during pregnancy.


Tomato is the fruit (Yes, it’s a fruit), which you should avoid on UTI. As because, tomatoes are really acidic in nature. They have the tendency to make your urine more acidic than you may assume. 

This furtherly may irritate the lining of the bladder, and put you in more danger in the cases of UTIs. 

So, avoids raw tomatoes, tomato ketch up and sauce for the sake of your own health. 


As like yo read earlier, coffee and caffeinated drinks are to be avoided during pregnancy. it is always prescribed avoid the caffeine to reduce the risk of UIs during pregnancy. 

in accordance to a study, the people who experience worsen symptoms of interstitial cystitis (Chronic inflammation of the bladder) are found to be consumed high amount of caffeine more often. 

Evidence also shows that, consumption of caffeinated drinks is responsible for irritating the bladder. 

Plus, it can even make you dehydrated, thus causing a very painful UTI which was already unbearable.

So, it’d be best for you to cut off having caffeinated drinks while struggling through a UTI during pregnancy or antepartum.

7. TEA 

You can serve yourself tea, but you’ve to make sure about one thing which is it is decaffeinated. 

Drinking caffeinated tea can make the same impact as the other foods and drinks can do. 

So, be clarified that, the cup of tea you may be holding now do not contains caffeine. unless, tea is totally safe to have while on UTI during pregnancy.


Not always the juicy fruits that you’re consuming can make good impacts. They can include bad impacts too. Such as ‘acidic fruits’. 

Believe it or not, eating acidic fruits on UTI can only improve the amount of discomfort but nothing else.

Acidic fruits including limes, oranges, lemons etc. can irritate the bladder as they acidify your pee. More fruits such as apples, grapefruits, plums, strawberries, pineapple, and peaches can do the exact things as lemon, orange and lime do. 

They can make you feel more uncomfortable by developing the irritation of the lining of the bladder.

In my opinion, do a favor for yourself by saying no to these kind of fruits on UTI during pregnancy until isn’t over completely

Consume fruits like berries, cranberries, blueberries and raspberries more often to fight against recurrent UTI. 

unsweetened cranberry juice has a strong resistance against UTI. This works and do not forget to try this out.


How can a post about ‘avoid foods’ won’t include contaminated foods ? I say, it’s quite impossible though. 

As it’s about UTIs, intake of foods contaminated with Escherichia coli or E.coli can lead to multiple types of infections including a urinary tract infection. Without any doubts, it does it. 

Multiple evidence show that, intake of contaminated foods lead to non healthy or adverse health outcomes. It can be so effective, as it can lead to severe outbreaks of  infections. 

In this crucial period of yours, pregarlybody suggests you to double check the foods that you’re willing to eat.


What could be more bad than, gaining extra weights along with that irritating vaginal irritation? Well, sugar can do this for you. 

It is an absolute fact that, intake of too much sugar helps the bacterium to grow faster as they rely on it. 

Hence, more sugar means more growth of the bacterium in your body and furtherly the cause of urinary tract infection in your antepartum. 

Plus, it can also aggravate gestational diabetes, impair immune system and lead to unnecessary weight gain and more during pregnancy. 

Be aware of those artificial sweeteners and forget to gobble down sugar while on UTI during pregnancy.


Well well, these are the foods and drinks from whom yo have to be ‘5 feet apart’ while on UTI during pregnancy

Also with that, start taking the preventing measures to keep yourself away from UTIs. It’s preventions are so easy to keep on. you can easily do it.

But hey, just a sec! is it actually a UTI that you’re experiencing right now or not ? By the way, you need to be clarified weather it’s what you’re assuming right now. 

When it’s about UTI, it includes these unbearable symptoms. Do not skip. Read this section thoroughly.


The symptoms of UTI include,

  • Urinary incontinence.
  • Frequency in peeing frequent urination
  • A burning sensation while urinate
  • Persistence itchiness in the genital area
  • Discomfort while having sex
  • Feeling of a incomplete bladder emptying
  • Blood in urine
  • Fever, malaise etc.
  • Pain in groin and pelvic floor muscles
  • Urgency in peeing such as you need to urinate as frequently as possible

If you’re struggling through these irritating symptoms then you may have caught a urinary tract infection

As like others, if you just want to prevent it anyways, the adopt a healthy life to ensure yourself first. 

Such as purchase a trust worthy pregnancy diet plan, and stick to it to avoid sugar related issues in future. 

Intake probiotics. They are quite effective in improving you over all health against all type of bacterium . Switch on to unsweetened Greek yogurt for instant relief from an active urinary tract infection. 

Drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices

Do not skip medications and antibiotics prescribed by doctor.  And many more healthy, hygienic and easy habits to prevent UTIs. 

These habits will pay you off. Trust me try them out. 

Lastly, if anyhow like wise anyhow you catch UTI while pregnant, do not make delay, treat it completely. 

An untreated urinary tract infection may infect the kidneys and furtherly cause kidney infection. 


Here we are at the end of this article. Pregarlybody sincerely hopes that you got benefited by spending time out here. Did we miss out something ? Let us know in the comment section below. 

So, it’s the end of this post titled as ’10 luscious foods to avoid on UTI during pregnancy’. We wish you a happy and safe pregnancy ahead.

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